Future of Virtual Phone System for Businesses


A technology is robust and smart enough if it could adapt according to the future without any hassle. There are many factors upon which the future of ‘Virtual Phone System’ or ‘Intelligent Virtual Phone System’ depends on. These features not only make sure that this virtual phone system revolutionized the way one does business but also going to take a big leap shortly. Some of them are as follows –

  1. App Integration

This cloud-based technology of best virtual phone system for small business continuously blending in with APIs will make it trendier in the future by providing all synchronized tools at a single tap. Integration of applications at one place will eliminate the old trend of usage of one program for one user.

  1. Better Features

Inclusion of many new and simple in operate features like auto-receptionist or attendant, fax without a fax machine, call record and conferencing shifted many business organizations toward Virtual Phone System, and it is still happening.

  1. Call Blocking

When it comes to monetary issue and retains profits business needs to take control of their outgoing call. Fortunately, you can set up an upper limit for your calls with the help of this inventive feature of call blocking. That’s how it makes sure a business doesn’t overspend on communication.

  1. Call Planner

In an organization, busy executives need to make remind of all important business calls critical for any big and long-term decision. Call planner allows one to schedule calls for any destined time along with the reminder or notification for those calls.

  1. Internet Connectivity

The advent of the internet has changed almost everything and it will keep doing so in the future as well. So how virtual phone systems could be untouched with it? No way! The very construct of these virtual phone systems is based on the internet. All kind of devices with ON-OFF or which use power would be interlinked in future. Those days are not so far when these virtual phones would take on all the functionalities of the remote.

  1. Multi-Lingual IVR

IVR is an HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) technology available in these intelligent virtual phone systems. This wonderful multi language IVR feature doesn’t restrict one to only one geographical region of language but allows your business to explore and thrive globally.

  1. The Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting computing devices, machines and people is known as the Internet of Things or IoT. One can do various tasks by enabling this IoT with phone calls, like, once your refrigerator runs out of fruits or beverage it will call you and let you know, you can get a call from your hospital for your already fixed appointment, and can give the pick-up point to your potential cab driver.

  1. Time-Zone Intelligence

Calling your clients at their given time and according to their time zones is critical in relationship building as well as it also shows that you are punctual and take your clients seriously. It makes them happy as well as valued. These virtual phone systems from providers like Google voice alternative such as Mightycall show accurate time, daylight saving along with time zone of your clients consequently uproots any confusion related to the time differences. It also successfully moves this technology forward in the lap of the future.


Virtual Phone System is an internet-dependent technology and as we all know the internet is a gigantic internetwork or computers and mobiles, so the future of this virtual phone system is bright. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say these virtual phones would soon replace the traditional on-premise phone.