Are you in the market to buy new pens? If so, you should know that pens vary depending on your particular purpose. When buying a pen, it’s important to keep in mind some things. These include the following:

Kind of Writing

Ensure the pens can write in bolder shadings and prominent colours. The fonts must be easily readable and prominent. If you are looking to buy ballpoint gel pen at, make sure the ink is fast-drying and viscous in form. If you choose a pen with ink that blots or takes a long time to dry, it won’t be easy for you to turn pages.

Colour Variation

While some people use pens only for writing, a lot of people like to order pens in different colours to serve various purposes like calligraphy, painting, drawing, and making presentations. Make sure to buy pens in different colours like yellow, green, orange, and fluorescent hues. There is no need to stick to just customary black, red, and blue colours. Also, you may buy pens with inks that have aluminum sparkles that make texts and designs flashier.

Construction Quality

Look for pens with solid and durable construction. These pens have components made of various types of metal and plastic. In the majority of pens, the writing sphere can be made of steel, brass, or tungsten. Also, aluminum or brass can be used for the ink cartridge construction, spring, and body. Plastic materials such as thermo setting plastic or vinyl resins can be used to make push buttons, cap, ink cartridge, and other parts.


In terms of pens, safety here refers to whether or not the ink will smear while you transport the ink. A lot of fountain pens from reputable manufacturers leave ugly ink smears on the pockets, purses, or bags. Check for reviews and feedbacks online from actual customers before you make a choice.

Promotion Scope

This is meant for businesses that are looking to buy pens in bulk to use them to promote their brand. If you are one of these companies, choose pens with enough space on the barrel to imprint your brand message and logo. Ensure to pick pens that fit your promotional purposes. Promotional pens are a hit and tend to enjoy good popularity among consumers. Whether you want to give out pens to your customers, clients, or business partners, make sure to invest in high-quality pens since they reflect your business.

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