Simply and directly, the profile of buyers is changing. Ten years ago, people were still getting used to computers and, especially, the internet, which consequently aroused more suspicion, after all they were afraid of hackers or scams.

However, as people get closer to their computers, it has become super common to spend more and more hours surfing, which creates more confidence we know there are scams, but also several security mechanisms to protect us. For the Dispensary POS Software this is one very important matter now.

Advantages Of Having An Ecommerce

Any salesperson knows that theoretically the more visibility you have, the more likely they are to capture people. And online stores offer that and more. With an increasingly plural market, you can find everything to buy on the internet, and the next search may be for your online store.

Thanks to the low initial investment (savings on rent and staff, for example), you can set up your online store today and without leaving home.

Attracting new customers is a common goal for all entrepreneurs, isn’t it? After all, the more customers, the greater the chances of increasing profits. However, this work can be very exhausting if you are unable to retain buyers in the coming months. According to a study by Bain & Company, 5% of retained customers could generate up to a 95% increase in profits over the coming months. That is the power of customer loyalty.

Client Types

Before you explain the importance of customer loyalty, you need to know the types of buyers because loyal customers have different characteristics that are significant:

Convinced loyal customers: as their name implies, they are loyal customers with the habit and desire to consume only one brand.

Divided loyal customers: is that buyer who likes your product, but does not close to the market, and can consume another two or three brands.

Unstable loyal customers: They like your product, but they are much more open to other brands. So if they find a product with a lower price tag, they are likely to change their brand.

Unfaithful customers: Those who have no brand loyalty.

A satisfied customer is much more likely to become the convinced believer. So when you make a purchase, ask him what he thought of the service, the product, and what could be improved.

The importance of customer loyalty

When you have a stronger customer base, it is much easier to get new buyers. With customer loyalty alone, you will already have a more consistent foundation for your expenses and gain a better sense of how much money you can raise or invest in a given time.

Learn about other important advantages of working on customer loyalty:

Important indications

Marketing is of huge importance in the image of your product, but know that your customers are the main propagators of your company. Want better things than free recommendations?

When a customer is satisfied, you can be sure that he or she will indicate your brand at the earliest opportunity, which will help attract new buyers. If you have an online store, it will still be a great stimulus for shopping as the person will have more confidence at the time of purchase.

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