Don’t want to visit the bank? Don’t have to! At a time when technology has made it easy to do anything and everything without leaving the comfort of your home, why should banking be any different? So, to make banking effortless, banks all over the country offer the opportunity to avail day-to-day banking services using the net banking facility.

Citibank too offers the net banking facility to all its credit card users. Apart, from saving you time and energy, the online interface is also safe and doesn’t compromise your security or privacy. So, if you own a Citibank credit card and wish to transact securely online, you can easily avail Citi’s banking services online.

Citibank Credit Card Net Banking- Features and Benefits

There are several advantages of using the Citibank credit card net banking facility. Some of them are listed below-

  •       You can view all transactions made on the card
  •       You can view and download recent as well as past credit card account statements
  •       You can view and track your billed and unbilled transactions
  •       You can check for any fraudulent transactions or charges against your account
  •       You can pay your credit card bill or other utility bills using the net banking facility
  •       You can set up standing instructions with the bank in case you have recurring payments
  •       You can update your personal details such as PAN, passport details, address, phone number etc., from the net banking portal
  •       You can easily apply for a loan, insurance, etc.

How to Register for Citibank Credit Card Net Banking?

To use any of the Citibank credit card’s net banking facilities, you must first register for the service. To do so, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

  •       Go to the Citi net banking login page
  •       Click on the ‘Login Now’ option
  •       Once redirected select the ‘First Time User’ option
  •       Enter all the account-related information, such as credit card number,                    cardholder’s name, date of birth, etc.
  •       Click on ‘Proceed’
  •       Validate with the one-time password sent to you
  •       Once authenticated, select a User ID and password or IPIN according to the            guidelines mentioned

How to Login for Citibank Credit Card Net Banking?

If you are unsure about how to login to your account, you would be happy to know that the Citi net banking login can be done effortlessly by following a few easy steps. These are mentioned below-

  •       Go to the official net banking portal of Citibank
  •       Click on the option ‘Continue to Login’
  •       Enter your correct Citi net banking login ID and password
  •       Click on login

How to Transfer Money via Citibank Net Banking?

If you have a Citibank Credit Card, you can easily use the net banking facility to transfer money. You can send money to your account or somebody else’s account, within or outside Citibank. You can also use the service to pay your utility bills or to avail other paid services. Here are the steps you need to follow for the same-

  •       Complete the Citi net banking login by entering your correct credentials
  •       Now under biller, add the payee by filling in the payee account number and            IFSC code
  •       Go to the banking tab and click on ‘Transfer Funds’
  •       Now click on the payee and select the payment method
  •       Select the account you wish to pay from and the amount
  •       Click on continue, accept the T&Cs and click on ‘Confirm’ to proceed
  •       Validate with OTP to complete the transaction

Things to Keep in Mind While Availing Citibank Credit Card Net Banking Facility

Here is a list of things you should remember when it comes to Citi net banking login-

  •       Citi net banking facility needs to be registered for
  •       Citi net banking login ID and password should not be shared with anyone
  •       Citi credit card PIN change should be done periodically for security reasons
  •       Always open your account on a secure webpage
  •       Ensure that the internet connection you are using is secure and private
  •       When transferring money keep in mind the transaction limits for the different          types of fund transfers- IMPS, NEFT and RTGS
  •       Remember to log out when you are done transacting

Whether you are looking to pay your credit card bill, do other financial transactions, or simply hoping to keep a more regular watch on your Citibank credit card expenses, you can turn to the net banking facility of the bank. All you need to do is, visit the official website, register for the service, complete your Citi net banking login and avail the numerous benefits of the online facility.


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