Direct Mail Postcards: Reasons to Use and Some Tips 

As a real estate agent, you must connect with as many people as possible. Brand awareness plays a significant role in attracting buyers, sellers, and others interested in property-based transactions. But what are the ways to do it?

Digital marketing helps to a certain extent, with options like paid advertising, online display ads, and social media campaigns. These allow you to reach the audience you want and ensure they take notice of your brand. 

However, online advertising has limitations, so you should consider direct mail postcards.  For good reasons, direct mail marketing has withstood fierce competition from its digital counterparts with tremendous success. 

But what are the reasons behind the success of this marketing method in real estate? And what are some tips you will find helpful before using them yourself? Get the answers to these questions and other related details below: 

Reason to use direct mail marketing postcards 

Postcards work particularly well for people suspicious about online ads appearing on their web pages or emails. For example, not everybody is enthusiastic about receiving email ads, and many choose to delete them before reading their content. 

Spammy ads are annoying, and there’s no reason why someone should even bother checking them. 

But postcards are intended for a specific target audience through geo-targeting tactics. Moreover, many people, particularly the older ones, prefer the traditional feel of paper and its message. Unless you can connect with them, you will lose out on many potential customers. 

Data shows that direct mail marketing using postcards has a high return on investment (ROI) rate of about 29%. The open rates are almost 90%, with 62% of customers admitting to purchasing after receiving a postcard. 

How to ensure success with mail advertising?

Direct advertising will yield results only with the proper practices and strategies, and here are some of them:

Create a mailing list

Almost 40% of a campaign’s success depends on the mailing list. You must find the right audience rather than one with no use for it. Using tax records for a particular area is an effective way to create a list. 

Another way of getting access to a mailing list is through the direct mail service provider, which usually has an updated version of these. However, the list must be accurate and contain relevant information like the recipient’s name, address, and related details. 

Design your postcard carefully

Before you distribute your postcard to the buyers, sellers, and other players in the real estate market, try to make it catchy, attractive, and professional. You should arouse the recipient’s curiosity within the first few seconds of receiving the card. 

While creating the design, include headshots and your brand’s logo in an attractive, legible font and appropriate colors. Once you have finalized a design, stick to it rather than changing it after every few weeks since the customers will associate you with your postcard’s design.

Include relevant information

The details in the mail are as crucial as the design, and they should be relevant, offer something new, and avoid repetition. Besides information about the latest open houses, properties on sale, etc., you could add things like the latest real estate trends, stats, and listing tips.

Tracking your mails 

Once you distribute your postcards, you must know which of these perform better than the others. Hiring a service specializing in postcard campaigns is the best option since they will track your emails using techniques like special QR codes, campaign-specific email addresses, and inserting a trackable URL in the postcards.

You should consider sending direct mail postcards to a targeted audience in your area to attract buyers, sellers, and others interested in property transactions. It has a high response rate, is intended for a targeted audience, and is easily trackable.