Best Use of the Metal Sheds Now

The resin garden sheds are slightly modified, they are against easily equipped with various facilities which are provided by the manufacturers and can bend too many of your needs. Very resistant these shelters have the additional advantage of requiring no maintenance apart from cleaning with water from time to time. To help you, follow our buying guide to choose your resin garden shed.

Metal garden sheds can be fitted out, on the other hand they offer very little or no insulation and will therefore be confined to the role of storage room. Their maintenance is minimal in the case of galvanized steel or aluminum shelters since they only need cleaning with a water jet, on the other hand those in non-galvanized steel need to be treated at least. To help you, follow our buying guide to choose your metal garden shed. You can Visit here and have the best options.

Wood has many advantages for your garden shed: it is ecological, fits very well into the natural environment, you can paint it in the color of your choice and you have a wide variety of materials, level of finish, etc. There are several essences available in stores and e-commerce sites, but which one to turn to?

  • Natural pine: due to its great abundance, the essence of pine is one of the most affordable. Be careful, however, to treat it regularly so as not to be invaded by insects and humidity.
  • Fir: it is the essence used most often. Due to the climate where the northern fir (Scandinavia) grows, it is very resistant because the wood is denser; this species is therefore often never treated.
  • Spruce: it is a very resistant, inexpensive, light-colored species that fits very well in a garden
  • Cedar: this species has an advantage, and not the least, it is rot-proof. That is to say that it is naturally immune to molds and insects. It is, moreover, very resistant

Autoclaved treated wood: pine or spruce can be autoclaved, i.e. the wood has been deeply treated by impregnating it with fungicide and thus fights against fungi and insects. A shelter made of autoclave wood will therefore require much less maintenance.


Galvanized shelters require very little maintenance. Thanks to the system of pre-assembled panels, their assembly is easy and robust. Although you can paint it so that it fits perfectly into your garden, its slightly more industrial appearance can put the brakes on the more “natural” among you.

To integrate as well as possible into your property, choose models of shelters in “green, two-tone” or “imitation wood” finish, an alternative that is both aesthetic and economical.


The shelters made of polypropylene are waterproof. They require very little maintenance. Rinsing with clear water may be sufficient.

The PVC shelter is treated to resist bad weather, UV rays so as not to fade, impact and it is 100% waterproof. It offers very easy assembly and can stay for decades in your garden thanks to its great strength. Today, PVC shelters are available in different sizes, formats and colors to fit best into your gardens and meet all your desires. Sometimes they are even real little chalets!