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Custom patches are usually embroidered patches. The piece of embroidery is created by using fabric backing and thread.

Originally these are done by hand and after the twentieth century, they were commonly embroidered using high speed, computerized machines named as a Schiffli embroidery machine.

Patches are becoming a rage to showcase your alliance to an idea, cause or team. Get custom printed patches to show your support and love to the cause closest to your heart. Make an impact with an equally meaningful custom printed patch. Nowadays patchwork is available on everything. There are various types of patches available these days they are as followed embroidered, dye sublimated (printed), woven, leather, PVC and more.

Brand awareness: Usually, a brand is mostly recognized by its logo be it Jordan, Nike, Adidas, etc they all are known more by their logo and their tag line. Your logo is the face of your company. Putting a custom patch increases your brand awareness. When people repeatedly see a logo at different clothes or product they start to know about your brand. It is one of the most effective ways of brand awareness. 

Customization of your stuff/ clothes: Putting a patch on your clothes is a really great and creative idea to customize your product. A single patch of your brand logo makes a whole lot of difference in the value of that product. It makes it more cheerful bright attractive and interactive. Each time you wear the clothes you will feel more and more attached to it because of the little extra effort that has been put into attaching that custom patch.

Connect feelings with clothes: From the beginning of the civilization clothing has been one of the major differentiating lines between many things, be it human or animal, rich or poor, master or slave. Clothes are not just a thing to cover your body but more than that. from a long time people of different tribes, different countries, different civilizations have been putting custom patches on the clothes. A patch is not just a patch it’s a way of connecting feelings with clothes. Custom patches can show your love and feelings towards a particular cause. A custom patch patched on the cloth on a particularly special moment can make you remember the whole event in a glance when you wear it again.

Hard-wearing and cost-efficient: Patches are able to withstand wear and tear. They do not get ruined, become or torn out easily while washing. Along with being super durable, they are very cost-efficient as well. 

Make Your favorite Cloth more long-lasting: If on a trek or in an event and your jeans got ripped or your t-shirt got some tears then you might use a patch and you can kill two birds with one shot. First you will be able to mend your clothes make it more lasting asd saving a few bucks off yours. Second, you can make your fabric look more attractive at the same time.


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