Searching through the Amazon catalogue is the first step in the Add a Product function. By using pre-existing product pages to construct your listings, you may save time. By entering the product name, a keyword, a UPC, an EAN, an ISBN, or an ASIN, you may describe the item you’re selling. Then, click the proceed button. By selecting Create a new product, you may avoid browsing our catalogue. If your product is not exclusive to you as the maker, we advise first browsing the Amazon catalogue.

A list of potential matches shows once you click the Search button:

Click the “Show variants” option if the product you want to showcase has variations. This will enable you to choose the appropriate product (size, colour, etc.) that matches your item. Search results provide a list of potential matches. Pick one of the following actions based on the outcomes of your search:

  • Click Sell Yours if you find a match for your goods. Since our catalogue already includes the product information, you don’t need to enter it in.
  • Instead, simply input your listing’s price, quantity, and other pertinent information. To learn more, see List your inventory.
  • The category filters on the left side of the page might help you focus your results if there are too many returned results.
  • Click See full product details to get additional details if you’re unsure whether your selection is a match.

What Makes Product Research Important?

You won’t be able to identify potentially lucrative items if you don’t devote enough time to developing your research abilities by using an amazonproductfinder Choosing items at random just because you like the way they appear and “think” they would sell on Amazon won’t work since what you “think” and what your investigation will reveal are probably completely different things! Sell what is in demand instead than what you wish to sell. Especially if you want your business to be successful and expand, there is no space for guesswork or rash judgments in the realm of operating an online store.

The fact that Amazon sellers are unsure of what to concentrate on is one of the key reasons they find product research to be so difficult. Since not all products are created equal, it is not unexpected. You should be aware of what makes an excellent product to add to your inventory before you even begin your investigation.

How to Find Items to Sell on Amazon

Niche it down is a top seller tip! Here’s a suggestion for you that can help you succeed as an Amazon seller before we examine Amazon product research strategies. There will undoubtedly be competition if you sell on Amazon, as there is on all ecommerce marketplaces. This implies that you can’t just decide on a market or category to sell in, choose a product (even if it meets the aforementioned requirements), post it, and make sales! It won’t be successful to concentrate on large markets.

Although search volumes may be smaller, you will be able to weed out most of your competition because you are targeting a very narrow niche. Your product is more likely to regularly convert since you have opted to target a very specific market. Therefore, consider the product requirements, narrow it down, and only then begin researching certain things to sell on Amazon. You can use these seven research strategies.

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