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Banner printing is a form of advertising which takes place in outdoors. It involves custom media size banners which are mostly made of plastics. These days most of the printing is done digitally and larger format inkjet printers are used to get full color billboard. It is done on a single piece of material. These days it is also known as the vinyl printing. 

Materials used

PVC is the most common material used in a heavy weight banner. Polyvinyl chloride is the world’s third largest synthetic product which is in high demand. Per year around 40 million tonnes of PVC is produced.

Two forms of PVC are

  • Rigid PVC

It is used during the construction of pipes, doors and windows.

  • Flexible PVC

Mainly used for films and mouldings and fabric coatings

There are various types of banner printing and they are

  • Digitally printed banners are water based eco-friendly and has solvent based inks. These banners contain durable pigments due to which the banner are protected from UV rays which fades away the colours real soon. These are manufactured by companies like HP, Mutoh, Roland and many more. Very large banners are used.
  • Vinyl lettered banners are produced by a computer driven vinyl cutter where individual elements are cut off which are self-adhesive. This method has become uncommon due to digitally printed banners in market these days.
  • Screen-printed is a method in which various colours are used at a single time using stencil and screen compromising, through which the ink passes on the material. It is mainly done on hand benches, single or dual color machines or on multi color screens. Screen-printing is useful for large quantity banners because of its cost effectiveness and easily available.


The advantages of advertising through banners are as follows.


  • Inexpensive
  • Targeted
  • Repetitive
  • Reusable
  • Cost effective
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