Additional Maths Tuition – 6 Things I Bought For My Child

What are the things I bought for my child? First, we are not talking about material stuff or things that come in the form of bribery. You know, something to motivate them to attend an additional maths tuition class in Singapore. All kidding aside, learning facilities often require items that elevate the experience or supplies that complement the syllabus.

It is not that complicated, which should be good news for parents because all you need to do is get this list (or ask the teacher for information), prepare your child, and visit the mall to get the items from the bookstore!

I want to share my experience, so here is a list of items I bought for my child to help them have a great time in the classroom:


A set of notebooks is and will always be essential for the average student because they can, obviously, take notes and practise various equations. Also, writing has proven cognitive benefits because you can retain the information you see, and there is a good reason some people still prefer them despite the growing popularity of electronic ways of scribbling ideas.


Whether you are purchasing an internet tablet for the O level A Math class in Singapore because the teachers are on the road to becoming paperless or you want to give your child access to digital resources, a trusty gadget is what they need. In my case, I bought an iPad, but I removed all distractions like games and other media.


Why did I add pens to the list when it is already understood that it comes with a set of notebooks? Well, what most people overlook is buying what suits your needs. For instance, ask your child whether a particular model works well with their writing style and penmanship because comfort is key!


There is nothing wrong with sticking to the syllabus given by the O level chemistry and math tutor, for example, but it is also acceptable to have extra books that complement what they have learned in the classroom. For me, I added a few graphic ones that are appealing to read to let my child know that learning math should be fun and exciting!


You would not want to take your child to the learning facility feeling tired and showing no signs of energy, right? As a parent, I made sure they have a set of snacks in their bags, such as a small sandwich for quick bites, something sweet that gives them a boost, or crackers that they love!


We are not promoting spoiling your child or giving them everything they want. However, I always made sure to reward them at the end of every academic week because it can motivate them. It is also a great way to bond with my child, such as by purchasing movie tickets for the weekend or eating out!

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