What do examiners wish to look for in an essay?

There are some things that examiners look for at the time of marking an essay and they are:

  • Examiners wish to see that students have addressed the questions that have been posed. Hence, numerous students make a fatal error of writing down everything regarding a topic minus actually thinking about the question. A student will lose marks when he simply writes down he knows about the topic. At times, less is more with articles and so, you must think of comprising the content which applies to the raised question.
  • Examiners wish to complete reading the article plus come up with the feeling that students know the topic well. Students need to demonstrate their understanding of the topic well. So, it would be a wiser decision to comprise case studies, examples, and quotations.
  • Additionally, examiners look forward to seeing whether students are capable of forming an argument, and it can comprise making up his mind regarding a specific subject. It can also mean analyzing the arguments of other people and deciding on the one you agree with.
  • It is the job of the examiners to see students’ writing skills. They want to see whether or not you can form decent sentences. Again, they also wish to see if students’ grammar and spelling is accurate.

Accumulating information

Before you write an essay, you must study a topic from various angles. Post discovering creative assistance from an experienced hand, you must give your opinion. You must also include personal touch to your essays. When the matter comes to your assignment, then other people’s views are secondary. You must keep this in mind that an essay must not be an accumulation regarding the opinions of excellent orators and writers only. Your essays should contain your stamp. Your outlooks and feelings turn the essay yours. You must hold the impression that you happen to be secondary to none. A student should crush the psychological barrier for including his individuality in his essay writings.

Write in simple English

You must write essays in a fluent pattern and that too in simple English which every reader can understand well. Before you submit your essay, you should check your work thoroughly for spelling and grammatical errors. For augmenting your essays, you can take help of essay writer free online. You must keep on practicing by writing regular essay and reading the essays which others have written. It would help in generating novice ideas and make you think about the points that need to be included.