For the bride and the groom, weddings are special. The theme should reflect the sweet romance of their courtship. The tasks are overwhelming when it comes to organising a wedding but half the work is done, if the venue and the theme are chosen.

Nature-inspired themes are more preferred. A beach-wedding for you will be a close, intimate affair. Also, it gives a perfect backdrop for the demure pearls in your possession and gives you timeless jewelry pieces for your special occasion.

A blue affair

This is more attuned to the colour of the ocean and the sky. The colour palette ranges from blue to lilac to grey to taupe. It is a relaxed affair.

  • Tincup jewelry for the bride
  • Use pearl and oyster placard
  • Pearl-studded wedding cake
  • Napkins with pearls
  • Pearl- decorated wedding cards
  • Pearl garlands for the venue
  • Ocean-inspired centerpieces

A tropical affair

There is a burst of exotic flowers, Hawaiian Blooms, sea shells and green fronds. The colours are flamingo pinks, fuschia, turquoise, yellows and greens. The colours have an overtone of the salmon and oysters. Want wedding invitations ? Try out : Wedding Invitations Houston

  • Pearls in your exotic bouquet
  • Pearl statement jewellery
  • Add the sand and oysters with pearls to your ring holder
  • Pearl and flower hairpins
  • Pearl embellishments on your dress and hair
  • Pearl decorated plates

A chic affair

This is a perfect theme to highlight the elegance in you with a touch of the bohemian. A statement of class with a whip of the ocean’s magic. The colour canvas spreads from pinks, lavender, pistachio, seafoam green and earthy tones. Throw in laces, roses, crochet, pearl strands and bow to have a rustic look.

  • Lace beach wedding dress with pearl jewelry
  • Pearls in your hairdo
  • Pearl-adorned sandals
  • Pearls for your bridesmaid
  • Pearl garlands and background for the venue
  • Pearl adorned arches
  • Pearl decorated candle stands, vintage frames, table number holders


Beaches and pearls have a timeless eternal bond. So is your bond with your beloved. A pearl-studded beach wedding is a beautiful companion to add magic to your marital bliss. It’s a fairy tale wedding that is possible and affordable.


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