8 Famous Lombok Culinary is Delicious, Rich in Spices

Source: www.indonesia.travel

It’s incomplete to take a walk to Lombok if you haven’t tasted culinary. Many famous Lombok foods such as Taliwang Chicken, Plecing Kangkung, Puyung Racing Rice, until Sate Rembiga will certainly be better if enjoyed in the place of origin. Lombok’s typical culinary known as the spice can shake the tongue of the tourists arriving. The marinade concoction can make tourists addicted. While enjoying amazing natural tourism, you will also be satisfied with the culinary enjoyment there.

The following are the results of the summary of various sources:

  1. Chicken Taliwang

The first culinary Lombok is Chicken Taliwang. This chicken is named after Karang Taliwang in Mataram, the capital of Lombok. Chicken meat is burned with dry red chili spices, shallots, garlic, tomatoes, fried shrimp paste, kencur, brown sugar, and salt. Taliwang chicken physically looks similar to grilled chicken or ordinary fried chicken, with a blend of chili. These foods will usually be served with other typical Lombok culinary, such as placing kale.

  1. Puyung racing rice

Puyung racing rice is also one of the typical Lombok cuisine that should not be missed when visiting Lombok. Puyung rice comes from Central Lombok Regency, precisely in Puyung Village.

This Puyung racing rice contains white rice, suwir chicken, long bean vegetables, kriuk potatoes, abon beef, and one piece of village fried chicken. Besides being served quickly, rice racing rice’s distinctive feature is also located on a typical seasoning flavor in the shredded chicken.

  1. Plecing kale

Plecing kale is a typical Lombok culinary that is quite famous, which consists of boiled water spinach and is served in a cold and fresh condition with tomato sauce, which is made from cayenne pepper, salt, shrimp and tomatoes, and sometimes given limit droplets. As a companion of Taliwang chicken, this plecing kale is usually served with additional vegetables such as bean sprouts, long beans, fried peanuts, or urap.

The kale used for this dish is also very typical, unlike vegetable kangkung plants often found on the island of Java in general. The kale used in placing kale is a type of water spinach that is usually planted in rivers that flow with certain methods. This kale produces kale with a crunchy big stem.

  1. Vegetable Ares

Vegetable Ares is one of the typical Lombok cuisines that are always in each banquet. Ares is the name of a young banana midfild, and the banana midrib is then processed with sauto sauce, making it a typical Lombok food that is so popular.

Vegetable Ares has a savory taste of coconut milk alloys and spices such as coriander, onion, garlic, ginger, candlenut, turmeric, galangal and cumin. Ares can usually add meat to add to the delicacy.

  1. Bebalung

Bebalung is a typical Lombok culinary made of beef ribs or buffaloes mixed with spice concoctions consisting of cayenne pepper, garlic, shallots, galangal, and turmeric plus spicy ginger flavor of the caben has its characteristics.

Bebalung presentation is usually placed on a bowl and is equipped with a sprinkling of fried onions. Bebalung is a mandatory menu that is always served in every celebration of Lombok people other than Ares.

  1. Sleeping eggplant

Seberuk eggplant is made from fresh eggplant vegetables and long beans with spicy tomato sauce. Materials to make are eggplant, shallots, tomatoes, cayenne pepper, salt, granulated sugar, oil and water. This typical Lombok culinary is usually a friend of Taliwang chicken dish and placing kale. It feels a combination of spicy, sweet, sour that is so fresh on the tongue.

  1. Kelaq is Lebui

Lebui Kelaq is a vegetable made from black soybeans coupled with sour sauce, which can add pleasure when eaten. This one-lombok culinary combines spicy and sour tastes. Of course, it is unfortunate when visiting Lombok, you do not mecicip this food.

  1. Seaweed dodol

Seaweed dodol is usually used as a souvenir of tourists visiting Lombok. As the name suggests, seaweed dodol is made of healthy seaweed. For those of you who visit Lombok, don’t forget to stop by to buy this one Lombok food.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Lombok by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.