Online shopping is continuously increasing in popularity due to its accessibility and efficiency. However, despite the surge in technological developments and eCommerce platforms, many consumers still prefer shopping in traditional brick and mortar establishments.

Regardless of why consumers prefer to shop in physical stores, businesses need to leverage this consumer shopping preference by improving their operations and establishing efficient facilities and reliable retailing system.

With the present technological innovations, many businesses have inefficient management and inventory tracking system as they still rely on manual operations, particularly labeling products and items.

As profitability in today’s retail environment relies on effective merchandising and efficient buying, sales promotions play an essential role in ensuring successful operations. However, with the increasing competition among various businesses, it is crucial to have a competitive advantage to stand out.

Traditionally, various businesses, especially retail stores, use paper price tags or perforated labels for shelf. It is an excellent idea to switch to electronic shelf labels.

Multiple companies such as retail operations and warehouse facilities can leverage its benefits in promoting productivity and improving business operations while enhancing the customer shopping experience.  

Price changes often are time-critical. The process of manually updating and replacing product labels are susceptible to human error; therefore, it can negatively impact customer relationships and even business partners, if any.  

On top of that, such price tags tend to move and, worse, fall off even with magnetic shelf labels

SOLUM offers electronic shelf labels empowered by the all-new Newton system with features that will effectively enhance sales promotions while improving business performance. 

Thanks to the advancements in electronic shelf labels, it can provide customers more than just the price of items to access comprehensive product information. It can also be an excellent tool for advertising where customers can view special promos and discounts. 

5 Reasons Why Newton is Your Key to Sales Promotions

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