Most people in Jakarta sometimes need some amusement after doing activities. Some enjoy watching movies, exercising, or simply playing with their kids. For many others, hiking is quite intriguing and stimulating adrenaline. People who like hiking feel that hiking is an activity to be grateful for God’s nature. In this guide, we provide many of the very best and nearest hiking places out of Jakarta. Suitable for you as soon as you have free time together with friends. Do not miss it!

  1. Mount Gede

Mount Gede is the closest volcano mountain out of Jakarta, located between Bogor, Sukabumi, and Cianjur, using its comparatively short driving distance from Jakarta. This volcano is among the most favored weekend getaways for outdoor fans who reside in Jakarta. As for people who reside in Singapore, you may only require a 2 hours flight from Changi airport to Jakarta (Soekarno Hatta) international airport and an additional three hours’ drive into the entrance point of this national park. Mount Gede is set inside the Gede Pangrango National Park. The Park itself provides various all-natural attractions for outdoor enthusiasts: the gorgeous volcano, blue lake, waterfall, hot spring, the most beautiful crater, and alpine meadow of all Suryakencana.

The volcano complex from the Gede Pangrango National Park gets the Twin peaks of Mount Gede and Mount Pangrango, which overlook Jakarta’s outskirts and provide an available increase. The Gede Pangrango national park is among the earliest nature conservation in Indonesia. They are starting circa 1819 if the Dutch colonial government constructed a botanical garden at the base of Mount Gede. You can try hiking, trail running, or just appreciating the panoramic alpine nature of the hills. During clear weather, sunrise from the top of Mount Gede is a memorable opinion that’s well worth hiking for. The blue skies will gradually turn red, subsequently followed by a beautiful sunrise emerging over the crater.

  1. Mount Batu

Mount Batu at Jonggol is rapidly remarkably popular with travelers. Due to this Jonggol place which is generally boasted, it turns out to possess excellent tourist attractions. The scenery generated on the surface of the mountain resembles nothing in Indonesia. Some travelers that have gotten to the very best stated the perspectives of the green mountains and area seem like in New Zealand.

You also must look closely at your security when climbing. The slim and too steep route makes security become a significant matter. Even though there’s a rope to scale the surface, the rope is lean. So be sure that you hold other powerful objects while increasing! You also can do a photo hunting activity because this place is a very instagrammable place.

Batu Mountain, located in Jonggol, could be attained by utilizing public transport or personal vehicles. Nonetheless, it’s pretty tricky with public transport since there isn’t any accessibility approaching the mountain website. Though not overly large, this mountain is a favorite because of its difficulty due to the steep and perennial trekking trails. The trekking trail near to the surface can be increasingly intense since the trail is nearly 90 degrees and relatively narrow.

  1. Mount Munara

Comparable to Mount Batu in Jonggol, today we’ve Mount Munara at Rumpin Bogor. The top of the mountain is less than 1000 meters above sea level. That is so exciting to climb the mountain. It requires no longer than two hours. Along the way, each traveler can go through the gorgeous green scenery. Although relatively brief and frequently considered a mountain, the top view will make you amazed. In addition to scaling mountains/hills, in this location, there are also caves. There’s Sukarno’s cave, and it’s stated that Bung Karno utilized the cave to meditate. Other areas like the Kabayan tread rock, the Azan tower rock, and the split rock cave.

Vacation is more than just the scenery; it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Jakarta by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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