Why Choose Yutong Electric Bus in Singapore

Yutong Bus has long been a market leader for electric-powered buses in Asia. Yutong has been distributing quality, safe, and durable electric bus models for commercial use for decades. If you have experience operating buses or have friends who do, chances are you have heard of the reputation the Yutong electric bus has.

If a mini bus in Singapore is not enough to fit your whole team for day to day charter, Yutong electric bus is the best choice. Today, we will discuss why it is rewarding to opt for the Yutong bus. Below are some of the characteristics of a Yutong electric that makes it a worthwhile investment.


Yutong bus is known for its good seats as well as adequate seating capacity. The Yutong bus is available in 38-seater, 47-seater and 68-seater options. These models will allow you to choose the right size depending on your requirements.

Apart from the seating capacity, you can also expect the best when it comes to the quality of the seats. They are adequately cushioned and comfortable to use even during long travels. Yutong bus also offers good leg rooms.


If you are looking for a stylish charter bus for your company, Yutong electric bus in Singapore is a good choice. It has a sleek and modern exterior design that resembles a van. The stylish bus can boost your employees’ morale and make them more motivated to go to work.


You can also expect a good ventilation system with the Yutong bus. Despite being powered by electricity, the Yutong electric bus is still known for its good AC system that cools down the whole vehicle interior.


The best thing about the Yutong electric bus is that it is powered entirely by electricity. Thus, you can have a charter bus that will not contribute to the air pollution in the country. It will be good publicity for your company to use an eco-friendly charter vehicle. With the emerging number of electric car charging stations all over the island, it will also not be difficult to travel with a Yutong electric bus.

Are you interested in investing in a Yutong electric bus for your company’s charter vehicle? Or do you wish to rent one for a special event somewhere in the countryside? With the Yutong bus, you will be able to fit in more and enjoy wonderful travels with the people you care about. Visit Think One Automobile & Trading for buses that you can rent or buy in Singapore.