Why do people get side effects from Covid vaccine?

Since the day Covid-19 virus was declared as a pandemic in 2020, people have started to panic because they know that this virus is deadly and can take their life. Since then, many countries have implemented their own protocols in fighting this pandemic. Most of these protocols have the same principles. Some of it include wearing a face mask when outside, avoid going to a crowded place, sanitize your hand frequently, practice social distancing and also clean your environment regularly. These protocols managed to limit the spread of Covid-19 virus, but it did not stop the infection. In fact, there is only one solution that can stop the infection for good and save humanity. The answer lies with the corona virus vaccine.

Researchers believe that this deadly pandemic can be stopped by a Covid-19 vaccination program that involves a large scale of population. So, they started their vaccine production in mid-2020. By January 2021, it is known to the world that the vaccine is ready to be used by the people. Most of the countries started their vaccination program by giving this vaccine shot to the one that is considered as important during this pandemic such as the ministers and the frontliners. Besides, people that register early for this program also received their shot earlier than the others. While some of us are still waiting for our vaccine shot, there are some rumors saying that some vaccinated people are experiencing side effects after their Covid-19 vaccination. Why is this happening? Why do some people get side effects after being vaccinated by the coronavirus vaccine?

This is actually a normal occurrence. In fact, other types of vaccines also will give side effects towards some of the vaccinated people. This side effect shows that the body immune system is reacting towards the vaccine and it is actually a good news. It happens because immunity system inside our body recognizes the vaccine & starts interacting with it. This interaction is what causes some of us to get side effects. For a Covid-19 vaccine, some of the receivers reported that they experienced side effects such as pain at the injection site, headache, nausea, vomiting and also diarrhea. These are all considered as mild side effects and are usually not harmful to your body. Bear in mind that not everyone will get these side effects. Some of us might get it, but some of us will not. After all, the human body is very different from each other.

Some people also reported getting stronger side effects after their second dose of coronavirus vaccine. This is true with the use of vaccines that need a second booster such as Pfizer and also Moderna vaccine. If you have received your shot and you experience some side effects from it, do not need to worry much because this is considered normal. It is actually a good sign because it shows that the vaccine is working. However, if you think that the side effect is too severe and you cannot tolerate it anymore, it is recommended for you to meet your doctor as soon as possible. Your doctor will take a look at the reported side effect and will investigate it further. If there is something wrong with it, then your doctor will try to correct it for example by giving you some medication. Remember that vaccines are still new & under surveillance, so your response will be highly appreciated. Only time will tell whether this vaccine will work or not. For now, you do not need to be worried because the sign is pretty encouraging.