What to Look for in a Charter Bus Rental Service

Taking your team to the big game? Treating your employees to a fun excursion? Road-tripping with your family to a destination wedding? There are a number of reasons you might find yourself needing to hire a charter bus. However, whatever the occasion, the qualities of a good charter bus rental service remain the same.

When choosing which service to hire, you should consider:


First, figure out what pricing model each charter bus service uses. Some companies prefer to rent buses by the hour or day, while others charge per mile driven. If you are taking a trip longer than 1-2 days, paying by the day is generally recommended as the most cost-effective option.

Some rental services will require additional fees depending on the situation. For example, many charter bus companies require your group to pay a cleaning fee if food is consumed on the bus. Others may charge for oversized or overweight luggage on long trips, or for a security deposit, especially if alcohol is allowed.

Additionally, if a driver is being provided by the company, you should expect to pay for the driver’s lodgings on multi-day trips. An appropriate tip for your charter bus driver is considered to be between 10 and 20 percent of your trip’s total cost. Make sure you factor these expenses in when budgeting for your trip.

Bus Model

Most people tend to think of “charter buses” as a single type of large bus. However, many services offer various models of charter bus for rent. Smaller options can include school buses, mini-coaches, and minibuses, with the former typically costing less and the latter two generally featuring more amenities suitable for a longer trip.

If your group includes more than around 20 people, then the type of charter bus you should probably consider is a motorcoach. Motorcoaches feature high numbers of seats, and often also offer “below-deck” storage for luggage to avoid overcrowding within the bus itself.

You should never commit to a rental service before determining whether or not they offer the type of bus which is best for you.

Amenities Provided

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your charter bus, then it’s important to be comfortable. You want an up-to-date bus with all of the latest amenities: comfortable seats, space to store your luggage, air conditioning, and possibly even WiFi and outlets for plugging in your devices. Depending on the length of your trip, reclining seats for sleeping and an onboard restroom may also be required.

These may seem like small things at first, but these various amenities will keep everyone safe, sane and happy during the bus trip. When choosing a bus rental service, look for companies such as Dunn Transportation, which prioritize customer comfort and providing high-quality travel experiences on all available vehicles.

Allowed and Prohibited Items

Lastly, always confirm with a rental service before making your final decision: what items are and are not allowed on the bus? For example, you should determine if any type of food or drink is prohibited. Will your passengers be allowed to bring snacks? Full meals? Bottled or canned beverages? Can you store coolers of food on the bus? Depending on the length of your trip, different food allowances may be required.

For long trips such as vacations, you may wish to look for charter buses that allow pets. You should also determine the company’s cigarette and E-cigarette policy if there will be any smokers or vapers aboard. Alcohol is another common substance that is sometimes prohibited on certain charter buses.

If your group has any special requirements, such as handicapped individuals, people with service animals, or anything else needing consideration, you should always discuss this with any charter bus company before hiring them. A charter bus that does not meet your group’s needs will make for an unpleasant experience overall.

Ultimately, things will work out for the best if you are able to develop a positive relationship and maintain open communication with your rental service of choice. With the right charter bus, you can both stay under budget AND travel in safety, comfort, and style wherever you may be going.

Traveling on a charter bus may not sound like fun – but it can be, as long as you make sure to choose the bus that suits your needs. The best rental services will offer you a positive customer experience which will make even the longest of road trips enjoyable for everyone involved!