Food processing plants are a necessity in today’s time. But straightway building one is not that easy. This is a highly regulated process, and everything must be aligned with the stated rules and regulations. Agencies like the FDA have a very significant role in determining and creating these rules. This will ensure that the operation and maintenance of the space are absolutely safe and nobody’s health is at risk. 

There are certain considerations you need to make before planning a food plant, and here are they discussed.

Consider the location

There are multiple locational factors that can govern the construction of a food plant. You need to be thoroughly sure about the municipal bylaws and other regulations, which are prevalent for your plot. It is always better to build the food plant around the area where the supply of raw materials is easy. If not from one source, you must be able to procure it from another source in case of emergencies. This is going to cut down your material transportation costs as well as wastage or spoilage. A major chunk of the operational costs is going to get under control this way.

Consider the sanitation area

Food facilities must always be protected from bacteria infestation. Any microbe entering the premises might ruin everything. In order to prevent the microorganisms from entering the premises and, most importantly, on the production floor, a sanitation area is a mandate. Here, the workers can sanitize themselves. This can be ideally set up at the entrance, and a handwashing station can be included, too, around every corner of the facility. The workers must be handed over a properly sanitized clothing, gloves, shoe coverings, a hairnet, and masks. To make the process even more effective, Danish entry systems can also be installed.

Consider the flooring materials

Flooring is very crucial in food processing plants. Mostly everybody prefers smooth concrete floors that are suitably coated. If the floors are sealed, there are fewer chances of crack formations or unevenness. This ensures easy movement of the equipment and machines across the floor. There are also fewer chances of damage to the machines or to the goods that are being produced. 

You can discuss all the above points with the adept team of food plant architects Stendel + Reich and ensure that the food plant that will be constructed is going to align well with all the regulations and needs.

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