Workers’ rights and working conditions have improved fairly with the intervention of trade unions and subsequent trade laws. This has improved the work standards and work-life balance of the working class to a large extent. But, most workers are still not aware of the privileges that they are entitled to. For instance, if a worker gets injured in an accident at the workplace, then he/she can claim compensation from the company by taking the help of experienced Virginia Beach workers’ compensation lawyers.

This ignorance is misused by most insurance companies and no compensation is awarded. There is a time limit within which you should submit your petition for insurance. The injured victim might not be in a position to appeal for a claim. The family members too might not be aware of the right to claim compensation. This is a favorable situation for the insurance company and your employer.

The law mandates that the employer should award compensation in the event of an accident. But it also states that the accident should be reported within 30 days of its occurrence. Insurance companies cleverly used this loophole in the law to deny late claims or award your deserving compensation only partially.

To overcome this unfair situation, every worker working in risky conditions must keep their near ones enlightened about the compensation laws. At least, entrust your family with the task of informing the nearest Virginia Beach workers’ compensation lawyer since timely interference can save your money.

If the victim is incapable of reporting the incident, an informed family member can contact the lawyer, who, in turn, can proceed with legal actions for compensation.

If your accident goes unreported, many parties benefit from it, and it will not include you.

Some of the liable parties are:-

  • Your employer.
  • The insurance company of your employer.
  • The government authority, if it’s their fault.
  • The machine manufacturer of the faulty machine that caused the accident.
  • The landlord of the building for unsafe working premises.

In most cases, the above-mentioned parties will not act by themselves and take responsibility for awarding your injury compensation.

This is where you will need the expert services of a workers’ compensation attorney. With an attorney by your side, you can be assured that your case will not go unreported and that you receive the compensation you deserve. In short, keep your family informed about the importance of meeting an attorney in the event of an accident.

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