Types of Protective Packaging

Keeping your items safe for transportation is a non-negotiable requirement to consider before purchasing anything. Some items are delicate and require special care to avoid mechanical damage during transport. Using roll guards to keep your items safe can save you the worries and heartache of damaged goods. They come in different types:


Cabinet guards are made from recycled paper into fiber molded pulp. Cabinet guards are designed to fit and protect the edges of cabinets, offering a robust cushion against mechanical damage during transport. The guards have both inner and outer width, depth, and height, corresponding to the physical dimensions of cabinets. There are three types of cabinet guards: the FXC45120 measuring 4.5” x 1.25”, the FXK45580 measuring 4.5” x 0.635”, and the FXC5T190 measuring 0.75” x 3.25”.


Fiber molded guards are also used to protect the corners of items during transportation or storage. The edges are reinforced to offer robust protection. There are nine types of corner guards: the FXK45750 measuring 0.75”, the FXCCP150 measuring 2.25’’, the FXCFC2R0 (for truncated corners) measuring 2”, the FXCFC3R0 measuring 3”, the FXCFC4R0 measuring 4”, the FXCFC4T0 (for truncated corners) measuring 4”, FXC70120 measuring 7” x 1.28”, the FXC5T300 measuring 3” and the FXCFC5R0 measuring 5”.


Windows need protection from mechanical impact and also guard against accidental injuries from their mostly sharp edges. Windows protector guards have depth, width, and height, to cover the dimensions of windows. The fiber molded guard for windows, FXW633P0 measuring 6” x 6” x 3”, is strong, thick, but lightweight and can be easily installed.


There are currently 19 roll guards made from fiber molded pulp. The cradles are used for cushioning the edges of items. There are single roll, clamshell, and single roll double-sided cradles. Some of the roll guard cradles are FXA00200 with a 20” diameter, FXA02480 with a 24” diameter, FXA04430 with a 10” diameter, FXA02480 with a 24” diameter, FXA00200 with a 20” diameter, and FXA04431 with a 10” diameter.


Countertop guards provide protection against the elements and cushion the mechanical impact for countertops. With these three — FXKCTF10 with diameter 1.5’’, FXKCTB10 with diameter 5’’, and FXKCTC10 with diameter 1.5’’— countertops are safe and secure during transport or storage.

The protective packaging offers industry-standard protection for items and typically lasts less than two years. In that time, they can be reused multiple times and finally end up recycled.