Tips To Reduce International Car Shipping Risks

Shipping a car overseas is a subject of concern because it involves unavoidable risks. The cargo can get damaged anytime during the transit by rail or truck or to & from the port or at the warehouse before pickup & delivery or while loading & unloading. Below are some tips that can help to prevent car shipping problems and offer peace of mind.

Look for a reputable car transport company

Generally, you can consider Ship a Car, Inc. because it has a long experience of more than three decades. Unfortunately, it offers nationwide vehicle shipping services. For overseas shipping needs, you will have to find a reliable car hauling company. The criteria to look for are –

  • A valid license for international shipping
  • Offers delivery options
  • Offers sufficient shipment insurance

Check insurance coverage offered

Insurance is also another assurance that you need to consider seriously. The overseas car shipping company offers insurance, but if your vehicle is more worth then it is sensible to get extra insurance coverage. The car transport company has a relationship with insurers, so you can easily negotiate and get coverage that matches your special needs. 


Car owners need to provide proper documentation like passport, phone number, international consignee’s information, bill of sale, and car title. Custom clearance in the destination country is the car owner’s responsibility. Remember, a car with titles like ‘Junk’, ‘Scrap’, or only ‘Bill of Sale’ cannot pass the US customs. It may need extra documents, which you can get at extra cost. 

Prepare your car for shipping

Customs doesn’t allow importing a vehicle with mud, soil, and pests. Therefore, clean it before shipping. Even ensure to remove personal belongings like CDs or chargers from the inside. It is also safe to remove the side mirrors and any other loose parts. As your car gets loaded in a container, give the shipper details about its dimension in advance.

Placing personal belongings

It is possible to place items in the car that you need to transport, but has its limitations. The goods you can transport along with your car are limited to car size. However, you need to ensure that every stored item in the car is declared to the US Custom. The goods bulk will decide the number of extra charges. Keep in mind that placing items inside the car for shipment can damage its interiors. Ensure to leave the driver’s seat empty and other things placed need to be below window level. 

Keep an eye on shipping status

Today, you can easily keep real-time track of every shipping phase from your mobile phone. The shipping company sends notifications via emails or SMS, so you stay updated on the transit process. You are also given the contact number of the trucker, who is responsible for the delivery. You can directly contact them, if necessary. 


The car shipping cost to a foreign land will depend on vehicle type, weight, port distance, import taxes, pickup location, travel root, expedited shipping option, and shared or private closed container.  

Every car shipping company has its way of factoring the cost and several even take care of customs paperwork. Just shop around and find a reliable overseas shipper to get your car safely transported.