Choosing sliding patio doors is one of the great additions to your home. They give a great look and you feel it convenient during the summer month. Similar to other moving parts, the folding sliding doors need to be looked after to maintain it in good condition. Taking a few minutes to perform a basic maintenance tasks makes your aluminum sliding patio doors to last for many years to come. Here we have mentioned a few maintenance tasks for your sliding patio doors.


One of the essential maintenance tasks for sliding patio doors is lubrication. The best kind of lubricant to use is a silicone spray, because this does not hold dirt. Stay away from other kinds of lubricants because they will cause the runners to collect dust, and eventually make them stick or jam. It is a good idea to lubricate the rollers of your aluminum sliding patio doors after you clean them. Note that the bottom track requires more lubricant than the top one. You need to lubricate both the top and the bottom track. Use the silicone spray on the roller wheels and the runner itself. In addition to applying silicone to the track, rub the track with a block of paraffin wax, applying it quite generously, to ensure that the track moves freely.


Wipe down the wheels with a rag dipped in denatured alcohol, and clean the track with a similar solution, then vacuum the track to remove any remaining traces of dust or dirt.

If you are pro-active about keeping the tracks clean throughout the year then you should not need to clean the rollers often. The tracks on external sliding doors tend to attract dirt and dust, and you should try to keep them clean so that the runner moves smoothly. However, if it feels like the rollers are sticking, then you can clean them by pulling the rollers out of the door and scraping the dirt off the wheels.

Weather Treatment

Just like traditional hinged external doors, sliding doors need to be weather treated. Before the summer starts, inspect your door’s weather stripping for signs of cracking and decay. If the weather stripping looks worn, remove it using a screwdriver and some pliers, and replace it with some fresh stripping. Replacing stripping is a simple case of sliding the new strip into place and affixing it with some plastic adhesive.

As long as you remember to perform these basic maintenance tasks, the sliding doors are relatively easy to look after. Preventative maintenance is the key to ensure that your sliding patio doors are staying in good condition for many years in the past and will stay in good condition in the coming future. If you are wondering about the sliding patio doors price, you can contact Most Innovative Doors in San Diego.

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