Throughout our years in interior photography, we have come across companies that doubted whether to hire professional interior photography company. The problem was that they mistakenly viewed it as an expense rather than an investment. Fortunately, after seeing the importance, they have changed their minds.

Interior photography is necessary

Currently, photographs on the website of an agency or a real estate portal are the first thing potential buyers see when they are looking for a property. We no longer stop to shop windows. We know that these ads do not represent the entire catalog or our interests and that they will surely be out of date compared to the catalog published online.

The photographs are the first business card of real estate sales and rental agency, a vacation rental company and a renovation studio. If these photographs have a quality below the standard it is very likely that the web visitors believe that the company is also below the standard. However, if they see professionalism in the photographs, they directly associate that professionalism with the company. And it is an accurate vision since it clearly reveals the intention of the agency or study: to show its offer in a clear, realistic and professional way from the beginning.

Professional photography brings you reputation

Professional photography helps reduce costs and time. If the photographs do not show the properties correctly, someone interested in buying or renting will have to visit many of them to get a real idea of ​​the state and the possibilities of the property. This implies an expense of time and travel for the agent. However, when the potential client can already see in the photographs on the web how the property is really and honestly, they only choose those that they know they like and visit those where they are really interested. 

This has two great advantages

There are other important psychological aspects. On the one hand, a professional photographer photographs the properties so that the viewer feels as if they were in them. We convey a sensation, a message, rather than merely pressing the button on the camera. On the other hand, and it is another thing that our clients tell us, if the owner interested in selling or renting sees that the agency is making an effort to show the property in all its splendor, he understands from the beginning what the commissions are for and does not tend to misinterpret that the agency is only an intermediary. In short, the seller also sees professionalism from the outset.

All this in numbers is roughly translated as follows

Ads with professional photography attract 70% more attention and sell 30% faster with fewer visits. On a commercial level, it means that if you and your competition have the same property in your portfolio, the one with professional photography is more likely to sell or rent it sooner. This increase in visits and speed remains very similar whether we are talking about advertisements for the sale and rental of houses and apartments or advertisements for the rental of private rooms on temporary, vacation and university rental portals.

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