The art of a booze crawl for a Stag do

Alcohol goes with bucks parties. It wouldn’t be a proper bucks do without a proper beer crawl. Almost every stag party planner offers bar crawls as one of the bucks party Melbourne packages. Surviving a bucks night out means being able to handle your liquor. There are ticks to surviving a bucks party bar crawl. There are a couple of rules or things you can do to make sure you survive the night and avoid the killer hangover the next morning.

  • Avoid shots

It’s almost always expected that a group will start off with shots. A round of Sambucas, shots of whisky gin, tequila. That gives you a quick buzz and puts you in the mood. We don’t all tolerate alcohol the same way and if you know that you are an easy, sloppy drunk. Those little glasses might look harmless but they pack a mean punch. Avoid them.

  • Eat First

Do eat first. We all know that alcohol goes well with a full stomach. So, if you are going to head out to a stag do straight after work; get something in your belly first. Better yet, get the group to start off with a good hearty meal before hitting the bar. Some bucks party Melbourne packages start off with dinner and then drinks.

  • Stick to one type of drink

If you start off your booze crawl with a pint of beer, then try to stick to that. Mixing different kinds of alcohol isn’t a good idea. You can get drunk very quickly this way. Drink alcohol because you enjoy it, not because you want to get piss drunk. Stick to your favourite drink. Don’t mix. If you are on a pub crawl, there’s very little chance that booze will run out, there’s always the next bar.

  • Water is your friend

How often have you heard people talking about the importance of getting hydrated? Yes beer is a liquid, it quenches the thirst, however, alcohol dehydrates the body and your body needs H2O. We often look at the guy with a glass of milk in a funny way, like he was drinking some kind of poison which isn’t what he is doing. The cells in our body need water to function as they should, deprive them of water and you wake up feeling miserable. It’s good to have a glass of water in between pints. Water is the only liquid you should mix with water.  Find a buddy within the group who likes passing himself with water and stick with him. You may outdo the rest of them if you did.

  • Be careful With the Drinking Games

Games are the funniest parts of a backs evening. Drinking games are great and people go to great lengths to come up with the most ridiculousness. The winners or losers of bucks party games are rewarded or punished with more alcohol. Ideally, the person who should be drinking the most is the groom but some guys are pretty good and the joke ends up on the other persons’ foot.

  • You Don’t Have to outdrink anyone

Seriously, alcohol poisoning is a thing and it can be fatal. You don’t have to try and break any drinking world records. You don’t have to drink anyone under the table. The point is to hang out with your mates, celebrate a milestone and let everyone enjoy themselves.