Technology has made life easier in various ways. The online bill payment option has provided flexibility to people from different walks of life to pay their bills conveniently from anywhere anytime via their smart devices within a matter of seconds. But the problem arises when the consumers have to remember the due dates and bill amount of more than 10 monthly bills such as mortgages, tuition, utilities, loans, rent, credit cards, etc. For any human it is quite difficult to remember username and password of 10 billers. To simplify the process, doxo an amazing web and mobile payment service, has come up with the flexibility and convenience of bill payment through a single centralized online platform.

Reduce confusion

Regardless of the number and type of bill, everyone can easily pay the bill via any modern mode of payment such as credit card, debit card, and bank account by log in the doxo account. With the mobile responsive doxo app consumers can schedule each bill as per due date and amount, can get immediate notification of the suspected transaction, and receive email confirmation after each successful payment. Moreover, the reminder feature keeps the consumers aware and alert about the due date of each bill consequently help them to save late fees and penalties. 

A simple platform for all

To enhance the security and convenience of the iOS device users, doxo has recently introduced Apple Pay. As cybercrime is increasing at an alarming rate the consumers look for safe and secure platform for paying their bill online so that their card or bank account numbers remain protected from the potential threat. Apple Pay has an extremely secure transaction procedure which works on unique token and is hard to hack. 

 Smooth user experience

The widespread demand for doxo payment service has encouraged billers from different industries to join the doxo network for providing smooth user experience to their customers and building a good reputation in the marketplace. 

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