When buying a drug, choosing a manipulated formula can have several advantages. However, medicines handled without criteria can cause very serious results in our health.Therefore, knowing how to choose handling pharmacy is the first step to ensure the success of treatment and your health. The most important is that the establishment is suitable, with serious work and scientific rigor in the preparation of medicines. You can read more here now.

We have prepared some tips to help you choose property handling pharmacy on the subject. Check out:

  1. Visible Permits

The law governing pharmaceutical activities requires all pharmacies to have certain documents. Are they:

  • Business license
  • Sanitary permit
  • Certificate of Regularity of the Regional Pharmacy Council

In addition to having these permissions, the law also states that these documents must be placed in a location that is clearly visible to the public.

This shows that the establishment has been properly supervised and is able to perform its activities.

  1. On-site pharmacist

Another law states that handling pharmacies have a pharmacist present. The professional must be in place throughout the entire operating period, not just at certain times.

That is, while the pharmacy is open, the responsible pharmacist must be there. Therefore, when choosing handling pharmacy, ask if the professional is present. If not, move on to another.

  1. Cleanliness

When you go to a restaurant, look carefully if the facilities are clean and organized, correct? There is no reason to be different with your handling pharmacy.The customer service venue is the first impression customers will have of the company. And it is also a continuation of the laboratories and the formula design dependencies.

If the areas you have access to are dirty and uncluttered, then that establishment had no concern for its image to customers.

This also leads us to question the seriousness of the place regarding hygiene in the internal premises. When in doubt, escape places that do not offer a clean and organized environment.

  1. Ready Drugs

The manipulated medicines are made from custom formulas prescribed by a healthcare professional – doctor or pharmacist.Therefore, it is very common for the patient to go back to the pharmacy a day or two later to get the formula.

If you arrive at the handling pharmacy and the drug is ready, be suspicious. Compare the formula with that prescribed by your trusted doctor or pharmacist, check the label and the expiration date.

If doubt or distrust persists, do not feel obligated to accept that medicine. Ask the pharmacy to come up with a specific formula for you – or change pharmacies.

  1. Choose handling pharmacy by the price

Lower prices than industrialized drugs are often an advantage of compounding pharmacies. However, there is a limit below which the final price cannot reach.

This is because of the value of the raw material, the working hours of professionals and other costs of establishments. So be wary of extreme values.

Too cheap a drug may mean, for example, that it was made with raw materials near its expiration date. Or that the pharmacy is not following strict quality control.

Escape too high prices, which can simply be abusive. Some companies try to induce the customer to bet on quality by inducing the reasoning “if it is expensive, it must be good”.

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