Muscle gain in USA: methods of muscle training to create a perfect body shape

Muscle gain is a process that is still being intensively discussed among bodybuilders. We single out the main postulates of muscle pumping that work in practice:

The need to apply the principle of progression of loads. Training weight and the number of approaches need to be gradually increased.

Using the principle of supercompensation is a prerequisite for determining the frequency of training.

A set of muscle mass is impossible without the correct Steroids for Muscles in USA. A high level of testosterone is the key to gaining clean muscle.

Sports nutrition in the broadest sense of the term is an integral part of muscle building. Without a surplus of calories, gaining muscle mass is impossible.

To gain muscle mass, you need to use the following sports exercises:

  • Basic movements. Exercises that include several large muscle groups. Such exercises include pull-ups, squats, various types of rods and bench presses.
  • Insulating exercises. The more experience, the more “isolation” should be in the complex of the athlete.
  • Recovery of muscles and central nervous system after training is a process that is no less important than training itself. Muscles do not grow in training, but in the process of relaxation.
  • Under the heading “Muscle gain” we will combine the above factors together and create a unique practical scheme for muscle building.

Step number 1. Training

Training accounts for about 50% of the progress. Training is the process of injuring muscles for their subsequent recovery. You need to train:

Intensively. Rest between sets – no more than 3 minutes. Between exercises – no more than 5 minutes.

Using a medium or high range of repetitions. A range of 10-25 repetitions (25 – in such transient exercises as swings in tilt) is optimal for the straight. Do not fall below 8 repetitions – short loads increase strength, but not muscle mass.

For pleasure. After training, you need to be tired, but not half dead. Strength training overloads the nervous system. In addition to the painful sensations in the muscles, you will get apathy and problems with the nervous system (after 2-3 years) if you leave not only the body, but also the soul in the gym. You can listen to Schwarzenegger and bring yourself to a faint state by refusing training, but for this you need to use anabolic steroids. The choice of straights is smooth progress without constant failures.

Determine the weight of the projectile yourself. Use the weight with which you can do the specified number of sets and reps.

We train 2-4 times a week. A set of muscle mass is impossible without a full recovery. It’s better to relax a bit more than to go to the gym and not complete the program due to muscle pain.

Beginners can change the number of approaches and repetitions depending on their physical readiness. If you cannot pull up or push out the required number of times, and your fitness club does not have a special simulator to compensate for part of the weight, you can reduce the initial numbers. But these figures need to strive for.

Step number 2. After workout

Immediately after completion of the training, the phase of rapid recovery begins – the cardiovascular system, energy and nervous system are restored. Muscle recovery begins after a workout. At this stage, the body needs “bricks” – materials for the fastest recovery and muscle growth. Such materials include:

Food. Proteins (amino acids) and carbohydrates in the first place. Fats – in the second.

Mechanisms that calm the nervous system.

Water and salts (mineral water or isotonic – optimal) to restore the water-salt balance.

Vitamins and minerals.

  • Right after training, your action algorithm looks like this:
  • We use a protein-carbohydrate shake (homemade or from a jar).
  • We listen to calm music.
  • We use a vitamin and mineral complex.
  • On the way home we drink mineral water or isotonic.

A cheaper option is to replace the cocktail with 2-3 chicken eggs (a source of protein) and 2 bananas (a source of carbohydrates). Instead of mineral water, you can add salt to ordinary water, shake and drink this solution. Just do not overdo it with salt: the norm is 4 grams per liter of water.

For “majors” there is an option with amino acids: before a protein-carbohydrate shake, we use 3-6 grams of BCAA. In theory, this speeds up the penetration of amino acids into the blood and slightly increases the set of muscle mass.

Step number 3. Slow Recovery Phase

It starts 30-60 minutes after the completion of the workout. At this stage, all body systems need full recovery, getting rid of stress. Your action algorithm should look like this:

Eating The composition of post-workout meals should include animal proteins, fats, vegetable carbohydrates and fiber. The best option is porridge (buckwheat, rice), meat or fish + cheese and vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers).

To improve the cardiovascular system, we use a contrast shower or contrast douche. Water procedures also contribute to the withdrawal of lactic acid, the excess of which is manifested by muscle pain in the morning.

The next day we carry out a light workout without weight. The best option is jogging at an easy pace, jumping rope, working with an expander or other simple simulators. You can make an easy workout from squats, push-ups and pull-ups. An alternative is a walk in the fresh air. This is necessary for the fastest recovery of muscles and central nervous system.

  • We continue to use water procedures. The best option is a cold bath or contrasting dousing. Feel lack of relaxation, stiffness of the body and psyche – use a hot bath.
  • We increase the daily calorie intake per day after training. At 500-1000 calories in comparison with the norm. We increase the amount of protein food of animal origin.
  • We use special sports supplements. Creatine or supplements that increase testosterone levels are ideal for gaining muscle mass.

Active rest is an excellent method of recovery on the first or second day after a workout.

Do not give up passive rest. You can improve the work of the motivational system with the help of films about sports or similar passive hobbies. This is not a mandatory point of the program, but if you feel the need for a passive rest – do not refuse it.

Get enough sleep the day before your workout. Increase your sleep duration by an hour.

Do not exercise on an empty stomach. 2-3 hours before training, you need to use a mixture of complex carbohydrates (cereals) with proteins (meat, fish, eggs, dairy products). 30-60 minutes before training – simple carbohydrates. Juice or compote are perfect for this role. ​

Muscle mass is a consequence of high muscle performance. In the future, we will increase this performance several times. This is expressed in appropriate muscle growth.

Over time, progress slows down. This is a natural process, do not be afraid of it. No need to sacrifice technology for the sake of speedy progress.


A set of muscle mass is a monotonous process of combining training and recovery. Combine the correct training program with the principle of progression of loads, supplement them with correct recovery, and a set of muscle mass will be most effective.