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San Francisco houses the biggest tech industries in the United States. Silicon Valley has converted the streets of San Francisco into a hub of innovation and invention. To thrive and stay in demand a lot of skills are needed. What skills pave the way for tech workers into the giant tech companies? The IT skills listed below are hot in demand and require immediate fulfillment.

Programming language

The most trending and in-demand programming and coding languages of 2020 are Java, C++, and python for Google. Programming language Objective-C and Swift for Apple and C# coding for Microsoft. The knowledge of these skills determines where you work when you go in search of a job. Take note that there are many tech companies in the world and their preferred programming languages keep changing. They not only dictate the place you work in but also the quality of work you deliver. Familiarize yourself with the current and most popular coding languages and save time in the long run. Coding and programming requirements are different for different sectors. What is in demand in one place might not be used in the other.


San Francisco’s tech scene is dynamic and is continuously subject to change and upgrades. Companies should hire those employees who are equipped to switch between multidisciplinary and multi-dimensional roles. Tech companies’ employees should be able to work well with others. In the tech industry responsibility and rewards have a direct relationship. Getting promotions and embodying good qualities can earn you a leader’s position very soon.


Innovation is always in demand. Companies are constantly inviting and rewarding good ideas. They rigorously promote inputs from fresh talent and reward them fairly. Not only do they shape the brightest minds in the tech world but they also take their ideas into consideration. You should prepare yourself to demonstrate and prove that you are more than a code-copying machine. You will soon see your ideas to take definite shape and change millions of lives.

Cyber-security skills

Cyber-security skills are the prime requirement for hiring managers locally and across the United States. The security of IT systems is a top business concern of respondents nationwide and in the Bay area.

Data management skills

Data management skills are primarily in relation to the location of the company’s headquarters. The location determines where most company data and information is held. San Francisco has a large concentration of corporate headquarters and dual headquarters. The growth prospects offered in the Bay area are unparalleled.

Cloud computing skills

Most tech companies are trying to hire employees well versed with cloud computing technology. Cloud computing skills can bring about digital transformation and move your data into a centralized server. Analysis of statistics and data reports has concluded that more people use cloud architecture, cloud security, and space. It also facilitates quick decision making across nations. The business of technology requires you to be abreast to keep pace with transformations and fluctuations of the Bay area.

Skills you must learn to boost your technical portfolio

Database management, web designing and development, and network administration are skills all prospective employees of the tech world should master. People living in the Bay area or those willing to move to Silicon Valley should imbibe these skills. While you keep growing in the coding industry it is extremely vital to keep yourself informed about industry happenings. Stay updated and motivated to break into the fast pacing tech industry. Explore the vast sea of opportunities. 

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