Jerome Karam Houston is a renowned attorney from Friendswood with a passion for real-estate and restoration projects. His company, JMK5 Holdings, plays a pivotal role in bringing existing properties back to life. Such is the case with the Mall of the Mainland in Galveston County, Texas.

After the Mall shut its doors in 2010, possession of the property went to Pacific Western Bank. The bank would later put the Mall up for sale and earned $15.4 million from the deal. While the Mall’s financial forecast looked good, the structure’s roof was heavily damaged by tornadoes in 2012. This led to the Mall evicted its tenants and shutting its doors again in January 2014.

Jerome Karam saves the Mainland Mall

With an outstanding reputation in the legal and real-estate sectors, Jerome Karam Houston and his company, JMK5 Holdings, embarked on a mission to save the Mall. Karam purchased 150,000 square feet of a section of the Mall that housed Macy’s. He built a World Gym over the space and offered low-lease rates to attract and engage renters. This happened in August 2015, which also saw the Mall resuming operations with the new Altitude Trampoline Park and Stuttgarden Tavern.

Jerome Karam Houston kept repairing and renovating the remaining stores in the Mall. These commercial establishments were used as recovery stations during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.  The Mainland Mall restoration and development project in Texas City was also redesigned to facilitate many commercial and recreational centers. Jerome Karam wanted to give back to the community and home city while generating jobs and revenue for local families.

The new developments in the Mainland City Complex have taken Texas City and Galveston County to new heights — both economically and commercially. The Mall and surrounding businesses hope to attract tourists and remain an ideal place to work for Texas citizens. 

The Future of the Mall

The future of the Mall looks rosy and bright. Jerome Karam Houston plants to upgrade the site with water fountains, green spaces, playgrounds, and splash pads. Jerome and his team are also transforming the outdoor areas for event hosting like music concerts, crawfish boils, and community social events. Texas Pit Stop BBQ is also the first eatery to launch its operations under the new management at the Mall.

As the Mainland Mall is once again a thriving, vibrant property, Jerome Karam and the team are working hard to introduce new restaurants to the complex. This includes a pizzeria, breakfast restaurant, and Cajun eatery to the foot court. This is Karam’s passion in play as he loves to transform neglected real-estate into flourishing properties for the communities they serve.

Jerome Karam is a philanthropist that always sees the bigger picture. With so many new projects on the horizon, he continues to restore dwindling properties and bring them back to life. Similarly, he loves helping people that have suffered emotional and financial losses due to natural disasters or economic downturns. Remember, properties that are restored also open the doors to a wealth of new employment and economic opportunities. Jerome wants to give back to the communities that helped him succeed in the legal and real estate fields.

Jerome Karam — A True Philanthropist and Innovator

With a lot of work still left to do, Jerome Karam and his company will continue to develop new areas in and around the Mall. He believes in hard work and never letting obstacles get in the way of achievement. With a range of charitable and philanthropic work, Jerome also believes in empowering the community so they, too, can fulfill all their hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

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