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Jerome Karam is a reputable and seasoned business mogul from Friendswood, Texas. Before he got immense recognition as the most prominent real estate developer in Louisiana and Texas, Jerome Karam completed his undergraduate level studies at the Louisiana State University. During May 1990, he advanced to Texas Southern University and earned his Juris Doctorate Degree. Later on, he ventured in private practice, represented over a thousand clients, and propelled his career to greater heights due to mass praises.

After successfully client’s representation for ten years, Jerome Karam Friendswood ventured in real estate. Real estate development was his passion, and he had a lifelong interest. For more than two decades pursuing real estate, Jerome bought, improved and sold prime real estate within the Gulf Coast region worth millions of dollars. Since the commencement of JMK5 Holdings, the company has invested immensely in Texas and Louisiana.

It is evident that Jerome Karam, a real-estate tycoon, can overcome everything. He has bought and cultivated more than a million square feet property for the last five years. Under the close monitoring by Jerome, JMK5 Holdings is known for creating multi-use commercial premises in the region that benefit the users positively. These structures include grocery stores that play a significant role in boosting community livelihood.

Karam went ahead and acquired the old Mall of the Mainland. He transformed it into an award-winning fitness and gym facility in Texas. His efforts have also enabled the recognition of the Plaza Royal Executive suites and Trampoline Park, which is among the largest in the Country. 

Even though Karam is very passionate and successful in real estate development, the same efforts reflect in his charity and philanthropy activities. Karam is a native of Louisiana, and being from a humble background; he knows the power of giving. He has contributed a lot in various capacities not only in his home state of Louisiana but beyond. He has helped the various groups, foundations, and churches directly. As a believer in giving and making the community a better place, Jerome Karam Friendswood continues to take part in several philanthropic projects.

JMK5 Holdings’ team together with Karam, is expanding the territory. In Galveston, the expansion is on Galveston Bay Club, Bayou Bend Estates and Dickson. As an owner of the various luxury lofts, he to revamping several structures. He is remodeling the many abandoned retail facilities, the various apartment buildings, and a local YMCA building that is almost fully operational. He intends to make them adorable, spacious and conducive for occupation.

Jerome Karam has many ongoing projects. Besides the YMCA project, he has recently purchased the former K-Mart building. JMK5 Holdings is proud of this achievement and is proposing an extensive revamp in the space. Jerome intends to have an indoor and outdoor boat and RV storage space. The project will be ready soon. 

Jerome Karam Friendswood has also acquired purchased Oklahoma, Sand Springs- 1200 East Charles Page BLVD- Sand Springs OK, 74063. Under Karam’s vision, leadership and eye for detail, the Sand Springs will deliver as per his expectations. As a new member of his real estate family, it is a project worth following up closely. 

Jerome loves new challenges, and he’s always up to something exciting. From the mega real estate projects, his commitment is evidence of success with immense effort. The good thing is that he makes the life of living communities easy and ongoing. He has contributed a lot in his home state, the Catholic community and throughout the area. As a business mogul, visionary real estate enthusiast and an aggressive leader, there many more projects on board for him.


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