Mining is a billion-dollar industry and is one of the reasons why some countries survive. Their primary sources of income are the hidden gems underneath their land. Although some economies boomed because of mining, it also led to unintended consequences. Due to mining, even these economies began to fail. Several places suffered from disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, landslides, and many others. People in the industry will deny that mining led to these problems to keep their business in operation.

Apart from the destruction of the environment, mining also led to the deaths of miners. Some sites operate without regard for worker safety. We also heard several stories of trapped miners, and how difficult their job is. Although we benefited much from mining, it also led to these deadly and costly problems. Therefore, is it time for us to consider a total mining ban?

The resistance

For sure, the powerful lobbyists from the mining industry will do everything within their power to prevent this from happening. They can’t just agree to shut down such a huge income source. Miners will also go against this idea. In as much as they dislike the jobs and think that it’s dangerous, for most of them, it’s the only thing they know. They would rather take the risk of a mining job than die of hunger and be unable to provide for their family. Given these strong voices, political leaders will find it difficult to be bold enough to shut down any mining operation. They also love their job and are afraid of losing it if voted out of office.

The next step

Considering how tough it is to pass any legislation or executive order that bans mining, it’s important that there is independent research to prove how devastating mining can be in an area. People need to realize that no amount of money can reverse the effects of the damage done to the environment. When these facts are strong enough, and people use them to correctly shape policies, it will be helpful in achieving this goal.

A total ban is the target, but it’s important to be realistic. Perhaps, the process can start with mining corporations that have repeated violations of the law. They need to shut operations right away. Mining companies producing minerals that have no other value apart from aesthetic purposes also need to go.

Searching for alternatives

Some minerals have practical value and are extremely important for various industries, including communication, transportation, and many others. If we can look for a replacement so we won’t have to use those minerals anymore, it would be great. We can have more reasons to shut down mining operations.

We need to do something 

A total mining ban is one way to save the environment but isn’t the only way. The point is we need to do something to reverse the damages we made to the environment. We can even start at home. By segregating waste properly and hiring Evergreen Junk Removal to dispose of waste properly, we can help reduce environmental damage.

The fight to save the environment through a total mining ban isn’t easy, but we can still do a lot more to ensure a better environment for our children.

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