Regarding HONOR brand, many people will think of mobile phones. In the field of smart home and smart wear, HONOR’s products are worthy of attention.

HONOR Watch Magic is a smart watch product produced by HONOR. It has unique characteristics. Today, let’s analyze this product in detail.

The color of today’s version is lava black version. It adopts red and black silicone strap. It has red lettering on the black body and red embellishment on the buttons. Compared with other brands, this version is dynamic and sporty.

In terms of appearance design, the 9.8 mm thin body gives people an upscale simple feeling. The visual senses are inclined to the traditional watch design.

The front of the watch is equipped with a 1.2-inch AMOLED round high-definition color display screen. 390×390 resolution. 326PPI retinal grade HD display. The color saturation can be 100%. The screen visual effect is excellent. It is visible in the outdoor sun.

On the back of the watch, it uses a high-strength nylon + fiber plastic back shell. This is a bio-based environmental protection material extracted from castor seeds.

It customizes professional devices with TOP suppliers in the industry. The watch can realize real-time heart rate monitoring 24 hours a day. It brings more accurate data. It enables users to understand their own physical conditions.

In terms of technology, it uses 316L cold forged stainless steel. It is made of case materials. By the excellent CNC process, it carries out polishing and wire drawing. It ensures the strength of the watch case. It makes it fit to the wrist. It improves the wearing feeling.

In terms of watchbands, this red and black contrast design is loved by many users. It is unique and beautiful. You can feel the carved texture on the surface. This design makes this watchband fashionable and beautiful. It is durable.

The watchband adopts a simple disassembly and assembly design. It is to further meet the needs of users.

The watch has a waterproof standard of up to 5ATM. According to official data, it can withstand the pressure of 50 meters of static water depth for 10 minutes. This improves the use range of the product.

There is a sports mode that matches swimming pools and open waters. This function is practical for many swimmers.

In terms of endurance, HONOR Watch Magic adopts a dual chip design on a light and thin fuselage. Through the cooperation of high-performance chip and high-efficiency chip, it can ensure high-performance operation. It can control energy consumption. According to the actual power consumption, the users conduct a week-long test. The test results are as follows:

In the endurance test, the 24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring and message reminding functions are turned on. The watch will be used to record data during exercise.

From the actual test, the power consumption at the end of the day is about 12% ~ 15%. The actual test results are the same as the official one-week endurance.

In terms of charging, it takes about 2 hours for this watch to reach full power. This result is good.

Wearing smart watches is convenient for life and work. Besides the HONOR watch introduced, there are other smart watches. Now the Watch for sale in UK. Friends who want to buy them can have a look.

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