Most people don’t realize all the aspects of interior design. They just think it is all about changing colors, and mix and matching. However, it is a little more complex than that. You must know the seven elements of interior design before you can take on the project of interior design.

What are the seven elements of design? They are as follows.

First, you must look at the space. Space is just as it appears. The area you are limited to your new designs. This is the area you must make do with. You cannot change it unless of course, you knock walls. If the area is small, do not overcrowd it with furniture. Adding mirrored walls, make it appear bigger. The opposite can be said with larger rooms. Add more furniture to make it feel less empty and more inviting.

Another element is texture. Texture applies to the feel and touch of walls or the appearance of wall texture. A good example is an actual brick wall, versus a wallpaper of a brick wall. They both appear to be rough, however, one is not. It can be used to make a small dark room come alive with light, using shiny reflective items, to let in more natural light.

This leads to the next element, light. Light creates mood or ambiance. Without light, whether natural or man-made, you cannot see the colors in a room. It goes along with texture. It is all about making a room more “visible” as well as the items in it.

Lines and forms go together to create ambiance. Lines are abstract and draw your eyes to the room. Lines are created with furnishings and the actual architecture. Forms are closed or open, meaning you can see through them or not. Open, means you can walk into it, whereas closed, are specific items like mirrors or lamps.

Pattern, is another element. These are usually on the walls, via paper, paint, or woodwork. The same can be said for the floors, using tiles, wood, and rugs. Fun patterns make a room pop. Color is one of the single most important elements of design. It goes along with pattern, as it involves color. Color sets the mood for every room. Sunny colors invite warmth and happiness. Cooler colors also create dramatic moods.

While this may all sound easy to do on your own, it is advised to hire a professional. If you live in Arlington Virginia, you can look online for Interior Design Arlington. There are quite a few companies to check into. Arlington is home to the Pentagon, Reagan National airport, and the National Cemetery. It is rich with history, as well as older Victorian homes.

Research the Interior Design in Arlington companies, if you own an older home. You will want to protect the integrity of your old home, keeping the history alive, while still bringing new life to it as well. You can still modernize an old Victorian, while still keeping the integrity of the home in place, with the right designer.

Interior designers are used to dealing with many different designs and flaws in homes. They will walk in a room, and know exactly what to do with it right away. They can work with any budget, to magically transform your home into a happy new” home. Do yourself and your family a favor. Find a reputable designer, share your ideas, and get ready to really love your home. Don’t waste any time, start today!

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