How to track your volunteers using management software?

Volunteer management helps in ensuring the overall performance of an event and makes it easier to administer it successfully. Any program or event that is impacted by the volunteer’s performance, needs to be efficiently managed. If you rely on the volunteer workforce for an event’s success, you should try to keep them engaged and motivated. Vome Volunteer tracking is a one-stop solution to streamline all the steps involved in recruiting, managing, communicating, planning, scheduling, training, and evaluating the volunteer management process. Let us read how can you track your volunteers using software:

Select a software

There are diverse options available when it comes to selecting the software for volunteer management. You should choose software that offers the right features and facilities to meet your organization’s needs and requirements and can impact your volunteer management program positively.

Create a database

The database is the strength of any organization. A strong database helps organizations succeed in their competition by optimizing it correctly. After you have opted for software for your volunteer management program, create a database of all the volunteers. The database should include their name, contact information, skills, availability and other important information.

Schedule a training program

To check if you have the right set of volunteers, schedule a training program and assign tasks or events. This exercise will help you determine how the volunteers are performing and keep track of their growth. Track their working hours, progress, and efficiency and then decide if they are the right choice for your organizational events.

Generate Report

Training programs help in analyzing the performance of the volunteers. Once the training program is over, you can generate reports for each volunteer. The generated report will help in tracking the right volunteers at the right time for future events and programs. In addition, reposts will help in sending automatic updates for opportunities to eligible volunteers.

If you want to make the most out of your volunteer resources, it is vital you simplify the process using volunteer management software. This software has proven to show results in the management structure of volunteers. If you are a volunteer manager you’ll spot the difference in the volunteer management process through the introduction of the volunteer management software. We have heard that communication can solve many issues, and communicating with a team of big volunteers can be next to impossible. But, with the right software communication channel is strengthened and thus overall motivation is impacted.