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It just takes the quality of your idea and pitch to find successful funds to invest in your startup. However, not to forget that a quality investor is also required blogs who talk about for the same. It better if the investor works in the same field as the company, who will be able to shed wisdom throughout the development of the company and also can come to a reasonable financial agreement that suits all the parties involved. Well, this doesn’t come without due diligence, a well-crafted pitch with a realistic business plan, and a lot of research.

So here are some ways to find your angel investor:

  1. Top-tier business schools: Good business schools with a strong business or entrepreneurial program will have great contacts of successful entrepreneurs from their faculty, alumni, and guest speakers. 
  2. Industry friends: Contacts are good. They provide help in our difficult situations. So in case, you have founders of other companies whom you know, you can contact them. The investors may specialize in biotech, retail, travel, mobile app developing, etc.
  3. Online: It is not bad to trust online content. There are many blogs that talk about investors like GainInvestors who can help you through. Other sites like LinkedIn and Quora can help you find yourself some angel investors. The easiest way is by looking specifically for investors in your own market, which makes it easier for you to plan to get successful.
  4. Angel investor networks: there are member-based networks that tend to serve by location. They themselves operate from a fund that has been set aside by an investment firm to source deals for the network. You can be a part of such a network too. Applications are prescreened from the angel investors and they can retain their anonymity, and founders can find themselves getting offers from hundreds of investors for one venture. 
  5. Crowdfunding: Crowdfunding is now in trend and there are many platforms available, and target industries too like arts, science, startups, equity investments, loans, and venture networks. This way is ideal for companies who are either active participants in their industry or founders who don’t mind the bare minimum of guidance. Or maybe people who are extraordinarily good at social media and customer outreach. Crowdfunding is a viable option to maximize the number of potential views by investors in one go.

GainInvestors is one great company where you would certainly find funding investors for your company. 

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