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Youtube is a widely-used video sharing platform which allows the users to upload creative content on the platform, and the other users can interact with it by liking, commenting, and sharing the videos. Youtube helps to create your brand if used properly. 

Having a successful YouTube channel is tough and includes numerous complications. Branding is one of the most useful and complicated aspects of running a YouTube channel. Some users buy real YouTube subscribers to run away from hard work. 

Branding can make your channel outstrip all the competition, but you need to follow some steps for effecting branding of your channel. 

Tips to follow for effecting branding of YouTube channel

Homepage of your channel

  • The homepage is the identity of your YouTube channel.
  • It is the first thing that any viewer will see whenever he opens up your youtube channel.
  • Design of your homepage helps the user to determine whether he should subscribe to your channel or not.
  • If any user gets to know about your channel through any link or any user, he will first visit your channel and learn about you.

The artwork on your channel

  • The artwork is the main attraction of your channel and influences the visitor to a great extent.
  • Any visitor will form an opinion about your channel by seeing your artwork, so it plays a crucial role in the branding of your channel 


  • Trailer is a great way to promote your channel and is a new way of branding channels.
  • Youtube provides an option of a trailer in which you can showcase your best video to attract the viewer towards your channel.
  • This trailer is shown below your channel banner at the top of your homepage.
  • To get the most out of this feature, you need to have a handsome amount of content on your channel to showcase.


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