“Depression”- isn’t it a term trending nowadays on social media? While scrolling down the Facebook news feed, you might have seen various tips and tricks to cure depression, you might have seen famous motivational speeches regarding the ways to save oneself from depression, but have you ever clearly talked to anyone (any renowned psychiatrist) about what depression actually means? Or have you ever noticed that the stories on Instagram that says, “I feel depressed” is not like what depression really feels like?

Well, if you were ever curious to know how depression is different from temporary mood swings, your search ends here.

What is depression?

  • Depression is a severe mental disorder which disconnects the depressed person from the real world.
  • Depression is not just a sad mood for a day, it is even more than that.
  • A depressed person is surrounded by negative thoughts all the time.
  • Depression kills the ability of a person to feel positive about any particular event.
  • Stress and depression are different, stress is both positive and negative, but depression has no positive outcome.
  • Psychological Therapy for Depression can help the depressed person come out of that depressed state of mind.

What are the possible symptoms of depression?

Although the symptoms might vary from person to person, there are some common signs that can be alarming to one’s mental health.

  • You feel Hopeless: You tried so hard to reach your destiny and failed a number of times, and now you feel hopeless. If this hopelessness continues for a more extended period of time, you may be depressed.
  • Eating Issues: Depression may affect an individual in many ways and developing an eating disorder is one of its symptoms. An individual may lose a lot of weight from not eating anything. Excessive eating in depression can also be experienced where a person eats way too much than what they should.
  • Sleepless Nights: Attaining sleep can become increasingly difficult.

What helps a depressed person?

There are people who rely on medicines, (maybe unaware of the consequences of those tablets) to cure the depressed person. However, these medications can only control the person’s brain activities until the dosage of the medicine remains. Psychological therapy for depression has really helped a lot of depressed people and continues to help individuals at present.

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