Delayed Medical Diagnosis After a Car Accident: Effects on Your Health and Financial Recovery

Injuries in car accidents are not always immediately apparent. While some victims may feel they have broken some bones or have lacerations and have to be rushed to the hospital, others look fine from the outside. But, just because an accident can seem like a minor fender-bender, some victims may suffer a traumatic brain injury that may present delayed symptoms. If not properly diagnosed and treated, this injury could result in long-term disability or death. This is the reason a Personal Injury Lawyer in Grand Junction will always advise victims to see a doctor following a car crash, regardless of how minor they believe the accident was. 

Common Injuries in Car Accidents

Victims of car accidents may suffer injuries such as whiplash, knee injuries, spinal cord injuries, concussion, shoulder injuries, internal injuries, and others. Whiplash and concussion can present symptoms that may show up hours or even days following the crash. And since these injuries are not obvious from the outside, victims may not know they actually suffer from them. Thus, they may not seek immediate medical attention right after the accident. However, failing to see a doctor after a crash can lead to serious consequences for one’s health and ability to seek fair financial compensation.

How Delayed Injuries Can Affect Your Health

Car accidents, no matter how minor it is, can be traumatic. When an accident happens, your body produces adrenaline as a reaction to the event, masking the pain you may have suffered. You will only feel the pain once you calm down. 

Concussion and whiplash are common accident-related injuries. These injuries should not be taken lightly because they have serious long-term health consequences. Unfortunately, you may only feel the symptoms of these injuries, usually after 72 hours of your accident. Their symptoms include neck and shoulder pain, headache, dizziness, numb or painful legs and arm, difficulty swallowing, and more. Also, whiplash and concussion can have behavioral and cognitive symptoms. For these injuries, a correct diagnosis is important to successfully manage them. 

How a Delayed Medical Treatment Can Impact Your Financial Recovery

 If you sustained injuries in a car crash and did not get immediate medical attention, the at-fault party may question your injuries. Their insurance provider may argue you got your injuries from performing other activities before the accident happened or that you were only making up your pain or symptoms. You can avoid having to defend yourself in such assertions if you get yourself checked by a doctor after the crash.