Indonesia is Southeast Asian country with highest economy. It is extremely rich in natural resources and labour productivity plays a major role in fuelling the growth of the company. However, when you send goods to Indonesia, there shipments are subjected to taxes and duty as the Indonesia customs don’t give a duty free allowance.

Import duty majorly is applicable on all goods shipments with duty charges 0-20%, VAT charges 10-20%, Income tax 2.5-15% which gets lower to 7.5% if the receiver has a tax ID and lesser to 2.5% if the receiver has a tax ID as well as import ID number.

There are a lot of products and items which are prohibited to send to Indonesia. Some of them are mentioned below:

Jewellery, asbestos, antiques, furs, firearms, hazardous and toxic materials, animal products like raw leather and skin, gambling equipment, ivory, precious gemstones and materials, laser disc and printed item written in Indonesian language.

Some of the restricted items specific to Indonesia are mentioned below:

When you send goods to Indonesia, make sure the document shipment surpassing 10kg/ 22lb should be sent as goods.

CDs and computer software along with optical discs

Importing without permit is just allowed to individual receivers. Shipment shouldn’t be more than 10 pieces. If shipping to a company, you should have a surveyor certificate as well as import permit before shipping from the Indonesia’s Ministry of Trade.

Smartphones, accessories, PDAs, transmitter, radar devices, telecommunication gadget

Only two devices are exempted from licensing requisitions. If you have to import more than two devices, the shipper should get a surveyor certification before shipping. Receiver should be a Registered Importer for the equipment and get Import Approval from the Indonesia Ministry of Industry.

Animal products

Receiver should have an Indonesian Directorate General of Food and Drug Control Certification.

Animal skin like raw leather

Shipper should acquire Certificate of Origin as well as Certificate of Health. Receiver should get an import license and Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture quarantine permit.

Coffee, coffee sample seed etc.

Receiver needs quarantine permit from Indonesia’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Alcohol, cosmetic items, prescription and non-prescription drugs and food items

Receiver should possess Indonesian Directorate General of Food and Drug Control certification. Personal import is forbidden. Get a Certificate of Inspection for goods under incoterm FOB priced more than USD 1500.


Get Import Licence from Indonesia’s Board of Film Censorship and import duty is applicable on the film duration.

Leather products and plants

Shipper should have phytosanitary certification. Receiver should have quarantine permit from the Indonesia Ministry of Agriculture.

Lubricant oil

Get registered lubricant number licence from Directorate General of Oil and Gas od Indonesia before shipping it


You need to get quarantine permit from Ministry of Agriculture. Shipper should have Original Phytosanitary Certification.

Second Hand items

Receiver should get supporting papers made from Indonesia Ministry of Trade as well as Surveyor from Origin.

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