Best Aghanims for Hard Laners: Earthshaker, Slardar and Pangolier

Position 3 heroes that must rush Aghanim’s Scepter

As you may know, the recent Dota 2 Patch 7.22 added Aghanim upgrade for every hero in the pool. But most of them are made just for lulz, like Aghanim’s Scepter for Phantom Assassin 😀

If you love to play as hardliners then you probably mastered this holy trio: EarthShaker, Pangolier, Slardar. But have you ever thinking about how powerful these new Aghanims are for these heroes? Nobody would tell you a word if you will speak about Shaker’s Aghanim, but all other is still pretty doubtable. Hope that after my little article you will be as sure as I in these Scepters.

Earthshaker – Jump King

Nobody would even say a word that the Aghanim’s Scepter for the Earthshaker is the best slot you could buy. Awesome mobility, incredible stats increment, and an initiating tool that cannot be interrupted by any incoming damage. In the games when enemies have long-range skills, radiance or any other thing that could deactivate your Blink Dagger, then you need to rush it asap.

dota 2 earthshaker

Do not be too greedy, upgraded Enchant Totem is an extremely fun and interesting spell, but in some games, you could stay without it. Remember that playing as a Position 3 Earthshaker you need have as much influence on a teamfight as possible, and if you feel that Aghanim’s Scepter will not be an awesome upgrade for you, then just skip it.

Slardar, the creator of puddles

This is the most underrated Aghanim’s Scepter I have ever seen. But the effects it providing is awesome, especially for a frontliner with the blink dagger. You will have anything you need:

  • Additional HP regen;
  • Bonus Armor;
  • Status resistance;
  • Movement Speed bonus.

dota 2 slardar

This is definitively a must-have item with the updated Slardar, who wants to stay on the target, disabling it until one of you will die. So you will rush into a battle, using Blink Dagger to sit on the enemy’s face. With the additional movement speed, he will not be able to run from you and with the enhanced survivability, even his friends could not save him from your focus.

Pangolier, the rolling boulder

And this one might look like a meme, but in the real situation, the well-trained Pangolier with the 15 level and the right talent (2 seconds Shield Crash cooldown) could bring the pure chaos in the battle. And never forget about the damage increasing, especially if you one of the Carry Pangoliers with Basher, Maelstrom, MKB, and etc.

dota 2 pangolier

Pangolier becomes much weaker when Valves took away Silent from the Lucky shot, so he is quite a niche pick. And now, with that Aghanim’s Scepter, he could be used as extremely strong frontliner that dealing a ton of damage and providing the most useful debuffs – decrease armor and applying unarmed.

Could they be used for MMR boosting?

And if you are wanting to quickly boost MMR in dota 2, then these three heroes would fit extremely well. With the new scepters, they could be used as the most impactful players of the third position. Just make sure that you well-mastered these heroes without Aghanims, because adding a Scepter increasing their complexity, and new players will not be able to deal with them.