BBQing is not only about keeping a barbecue grill at home. every barbecue fan knows that to have a barbecue at home requires many things like tools, accessories, merchandise, etc. however purchasing these items can be a tedious job. Therefore, BBQs 2u barbecue retailer decided to keep not only barbecue grillers, but also various tools and accessories in one place to make it convenient for their customers.

They are affiliated with brands like Kamado Joe, napoleon, Masterbuilt, and Ooni. If they have all models of Kamado Joe, they also ensure that all Kamado Joe accessories and tools are available in stock. Similarly, if they have all Napoleon BBQs online, they ensure to keep all Napoleon BBQ Tools and accessories available.

Various Napoleon tools available in the BBQs 2u site –

Leather Gloves

  • The Genuine Grey Cow Leather BBQ Gloves provide heat protection while working on the BBQ, as well as a superb fit with increased ability.
  • Stitching is added for a better fit and more skills.
  • Authentic Cow leather
  • Hanging Loops Make Storage Simple and Quick

Napoleon 2 Piece Toolset

  • Every grill expert desires a spatula and a test gadget for arranging delicious food on the barbecue. For durability and strength, the Napoleon two-piece tool set is made of robust stainless steel.
  • Each handle has a soft-touch grip. With its serrated edge and bladed tip, the extra-long spatula can easily flip and switch any item that is being grilled.
  • The tong’s pull tab quickly locks and unlocks, and the built-in tool hangers make it easy to keep all the barbeque gear organised.

All accessories available at BBQs 2u provide everything needed to make wonderful grilled meals, as well as a variety of aesthetic additions to expand the culinary horizons. Click here to know more about the Napoleon tools, covers, accessories, and other items like charcoal, wood chunks, etc. at an affordable price in BBQs 2u. They are also providing a 6% discount on all tools and accessories.

Napoleon PRO 3 Piece Toolset

  • Elegant and simple to use Napoleon’s three-piece PRO-stainless-steel toolset includes everything that is needed for the next BBQ.
  • The curved handles fit comfortably in the griller’s hand.
  • Simply hang the three-piece toolset from the grill’s hooks using the outsized loops.
  • For easy sliding and flipping, the spatula has an extra-long face, serrated edge, and bladed tip.
  • The tool is long-lasting, and easy to lock, and unlock.
  • The silicone basting brush makes it easy to apply the sauce evenly. It’s dishwasher safe, making clean-up easy.
  • A simple safety device

Napoleon Triple-Row Grill Brush

  • This Grill Brush having Brass Bristles in 3 Rows is great to get rid of residue stuck on the cast iron grids.
  • The curved handle style gives you more leverage while cleaning, and the extra-wide grid hand tool helps you get rid of tough spots. This grill brush is easily accessible with the help of its handy hook.
  • Curved handle design with brass bristles adds strength for more leverage

BBQs 2u is known for its passion for grilling, searing, and smoking. They want to keep the traditions alive in the UK. Even if youngsters are fond of burgers, French fries, and pizzas, nothing can beat home-baked meat in a Kamado Joe or Napoleon BBQ. To keep the tradition alive, they often run contests ad special discounts. Last month they had a Bank Holiday Sale on kamado Joe. Check their Twitter account to know more about contests and heavily discounted deals.

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