Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson Explains the Importance of Education

The reliance on higher education has been an excellent opportunity for many throughout the years. Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson, a top attorney in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, understands that as well as many. While not everyone goes on to be a lawyer, he encourages people every day to pursue higher education and have it as a crutch to rely on.

What are some of the main selling points of higher education in the 21st-century? While some have started to shy away from this opportunity, others have embraced it as a true game-changer.

Economic benefits

There will always be exceptions, but on average, people with some form of higher education will earn more money and have a reduced chance of unemployment throughout their life. With the unemployment rate fluctuating and an unpredictable future, those with an education are more likely not to be stuck figuring things out later on.

Finding employment at some level is always easier with education. It can be the difference between one person over another on a resume. Even if the job is not in the same field of study, higher education is never bad for hiring departments to spot.

Personal development

Many people will say that part of the higher education process is learning how to function as an adult for the first time. Education is important, but so is learning from peers along the way.

This is the first time in a person’s life that they are on their own and acting like an adult. Most people go to college right after high school, so they are young and still finding themselves. Personal development in the classroom can end up revealing a career path.

Staying healthy

Countless studies have shown that having a steady job and a good amount of money coming in can help keep a person happier and healthier in life. It is important to find a job and a career that someone is passionate about, as it feels less like a tedious task when logging hours.

Attorney Anthony O Van Johnson likes to point that out to anyone who asks him about pursuing a career. As an attorney, he feels motivated to go to work and help out clients as much as possible. Find a passion, and it never feels entirely like work.

Staying disciplined

Higher education helps reign people in as they mature. Learning how to stay disciplined and manage time will translate very well in the workforce. 

Not all classes are created equally, but there will always be some challenges for individuals to deal with in school. Getting through those tough classes prepares people for dealing with more challenging situations later in life as well.

Balancing life with school, work, family, and more takes time. As kids, people might not know how to handle it all. It is a learning process that goes along with higher education and one that younger people might not realize at first. However, in the 21st century, higher education still plays a vital role in individual growth.