Joining a credit union can give some unexpected benefits and resources you may not have thought much about. You may think: I can’t get signature loans in my area, but at your Credit Union, you just might qualify! Here are some of the advantages of joining a Credit Union:

You’re a Shareholder

When you join a Credit Union, you’re not just a customer; you become a partial owner, a shareholder. That’s right: Credit Unions are owned by the members.

Great Service

As you might expect, when you own even a small fraction of a business, the service is likely better than you might get elsewhere. Credit Unions are known for excellent customer service!

Low Fees and Rates

Fees and rates are competitive, and often lower than at other institutions. Why? Credit Unions are usually nonprofit organizations that pass the savings on to their members. That means you can often get better rates on checking accounts, savings accounts, CDs, and loans. What’s great about all of The People’s Federal Credit Union loans are the low, competitive rates.

Extensive Signature Loan Services

A Credit Union may take more account of your needs, as part of the community, with more signature loan opportunities. Short term needs might have you temporarily pressed for cash. Maybe you’ve just bought that new house, or recently graduated from college. Signature loans are available for numerous purposes and for varying amounts and periods as well. For more flexibility, come talk to us about a Line of Credit loan. This is a signature loan that you use when you want, as you need it.

Credit Builder Loans

Perhaps you just haven’t established credit yet. A Credit Builder Loan can put the amount of your loan in a savings account with a hold on it. You make payments, establish credit, and that good credit is reported to the credit agencies. As the loan is paid off, the money becomes yours! This is an easy, painless way to save and build good credit. You may think: I can’t qualify for signature loans in my area. We’ll check for you. If you truly can’t, a Credit Builder Loan can help.

Federally Insured with Complete Loan Services

Most Credit Unions, like The People’s Federal Credit Union, are federally insured, just like banks. You can rest easy about the security of your accounts. And don’t think: I can’t get signature loans in my area. Because you often can. Of course, we don’t just make signature loans. We make almost any kind of loan you can think of. That includes mortgage and home equity loans, auto, boat, and RV loans. Opening a checking, savings, or CD account here is a great way to become part of The People’s Federal Credit Union family. Come talk to us today about a signature loan or any other financial need!

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