Accommodation for Students: How You Can Have the best

What are the best practices for all those who own a property and want to rent it to students? To give an answer to this question we thought a few days ago, with an article that explains how to best prepare the home for off-site. 

If it is true that the demand from students, in particular in this period, is getting stronger and stronger, it is equally true that the offer is increasingly differentiated and nourished, and this entails, therefore, the need for homeowners to adapt to new needs. You can check this website here now.

You can get to earn 30% more

As revealed by, following a few small tips, it is possible to increase the profits of your property, by shortening the time necessary to complete the lease. 

Each room, for example, must be totally self-sufficient and therefore equipped with independent furniture that allows tenants to live in perfect autonomy. Even the care of common spaces is of fundamental importance: in addition to being beautiful and comfortable, they must have good quality appliances and a fast internet connection.

The contract, then, should be agreed with the students away from home, in order to facilitate both parties. In the choice of tenants, the tenant should also involve the tenants already present in order to ensure a peaceful coexistence. 

The context also wants its part: if the apartment to be rented is inside a condominium, the owner should take care to leave the new tenants with all the necessary information that allows them to live in harmony with the inhabitants of the building respecting the rules of the building.

  • If you start living on your own, you will have to deal with rent. This is a monthly amount that you have to pay to your landlord (or to a foundation). The rent can vary greatly per room and even per city. 
  • On this page you can read everything about rent, a lease and which cities are the most expensive to rent a room. But how can you negotiate properly to agree on a good rental price. That you and your landlord are both satisfied with a reasonable rent. 
  • When talking about rent, you need to know that there is a ‘basic rent’ and a ‘gross rent’. The basic rent is the basic amount of the rental amount, a number of things are added. There is gas, electricity and water, but also service costs. If all this is added to the rent, you speak of the gross rent.

Rent per city

There is a maximum for the rent for living space, it does not matter whether it is a room or an independent living space. That maximum depends on the surface area of ​​the living space and the facilities of your home. A whole point system has been set up for this. In addition to the living space and facilities, there are other reasons for adding or subtracting extra points. The total number of points determines the legally permitted maximum rent. If your rent is higher, you can try to lower the rent.