6 Technology Trends In Industrial Lights

Technology impacts every sector, and there is no denying that it is for the better. The lighting industry has seen massive technological advancements that have made everyone’s lives simple and convenient.

Every vendor has seen a shift in demand for light fixtures with multiple technologies. Whether you ask a retailer in an Asian country or consult industrial light fixture retailers in Walnut Creek, CA – they will share the same story.

Thus, to learn and choose the best lights for your commercial space based on the latest technological advancements, keep reading!

Technological advancements in light fixture

Besides the latest designs, people look for features like automatic brightness or smartphone connectivity. The changes are so dynamic that it is difficult to decide on a suitable industrial light that will meet all of your requirements.

Hence, here is a list of technological features you can look for in light.

Internet of Things

IoT has left no area of your life untouched! Starting from kitchen gadgets to living room lights – you can operate each one at your fingertips. Internet connectivity has made it possible to use the lights because of their in-built sensors. All you need is internet connectivity and to sync your gadgets with your phone.


LED light bulbs are a fantastic alternative for people who believe in power saving and are looking for the best options. These energy-efficient lights consume less energy and radiate low heat to the room without compromising brightness.

Furthermore, lack of heat also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. These lights are also pocket-friendly because they reduce electricity bills as well. Many industrial light fixture retailers in Walnut Creek, CA, have confirmed this.

Built-in lights

Better home interior designs also come with built-in light fittings to make the installation more attractive. This reduces the additional cost of fitting light and gives a sense of minimalism. Along with other technologies, these additional light fittings give you a neat look to your interior.

Wireless lighting

Since everything is going wireless, why do we leave the lights behind? Apart from built-in and compact lighting, wireless features have added a cherry on the cake. The retrofit projects include mostly wireless lighting to give an impressive look to the overall décor.

These lights use radio frequency waves as a significant communication line to give operating instructions to the fittings. Additionally, this technology transfers the data over waves, eliminating the need for traditional wiring.

The advancement is so crisp that people are converting their regular light fittings into wireless systems by incorporating a device.


There is no denying that connectivity with smart gadgets has made things entirely different for people. Now, staying half asleep and switching off the lights using your smartphone is possible.

With improvements in wireless connectivity and sensors, it is now possible to adjust the light’s colour, brightness, and warmth in a few simple steps. Additionally, the sensors are smart and fast enough to detect the brightness in the room and adjust the light’s brightness accordingly.


Connecting your LiFi lights with your wifi makes it easier to operate lighting systems using voice commands. Furthermore, LiFi allows you to turn your regular lights into party lights.

Thus, in light of all the facts about lighting, it is easy to conclude that the lighting industry is evolving quickly. Additionally, it is safe to assume that better features are in store for industrial lighting and will come to life very soon.