5 Imports tips for Buying Engagement Ring

When it comes to buying an engagement right, the options are aplenty. While most people prefer buying gold rings, you can try and be a little more unique and buy the white gold ring to make your partner feel more special. The white gold is classic, and it offers great durability. So, how to go about buying the ring, considering the following tips will significantly help you.

  • Style is the most important thing

When shopping for the perfect engagement ring, a lot of people tend to get too concerned about the quality of the diamond, the quality of the band, the cuts, the carats, and so on. However, it is important to remember that your soon to be fiancé will be wearing the ring for the rest of their life. So, make sure that the ring you chose matches the personal style statement of the person.

  • Know the personal preference

If you are not sure about what type of engagement ring to pick for your fiancé, it would be best advised that you observe the kind of rings they usually wear and try to take a clue for their existing jewellery. This would give you a fair idea about their taste in fashion and style, and you can be sure to pick the winner. If you are still not sure you can get advice from your partner’s best friend or siblings because they usually have the best idea of the ring style they would wear.

  • Picking the right size is paramount

The last thing you want on the engagement day is finding out that the ring you chose for your partner is not the correct size. You can easily save yourself from this embarrassing situation and try to get the right size beforehand. But how would you get the right size secretly, here are a few tricks:

  •         Use the ringer size zip to measure the size of the existing zip they wear
  •         Ask the friends of your would-be fiancé to find out about their ring size


  • Choose the right stone

The best engagement ring is a diamond ring is a popular cliché. If you can afford to buy the big rock, there is no better way to win your lover’s heart all over again. But, there are other ways to leave your sweetheart impressed. You can choose a ring studded with the birthstone of your partner. This will not only showcase your love for them but also give them an impression about how thoughtful you were in choosing the ring. Typically, Solitaire, Ruby, Pearl, Sapphire are a popular choice. Know your partner’s personal interest and choose the right ring.

  • Choose the right jeweller

Last but not least, one of the important factors to consider while buying white gold rings for your engagement is choosing the right jeweller. Buy from a reputed and trusted jeweller. A credible jeweller will never try to force sale anything or try to persuade you a certain type of ring. They will first ask your preference and then give a suggestion. Also, a trustworthy jeweller will patiently answer all your queries and be transparent about the quality of the gold, the stone, etc.