5 Food Packaging Trends You Should Look Out For in 2020

Food packaging is an affluent industry, with new trends emerging with each passing day. The packaging is as important as the quality of the contents in those packages, which makes it all the more challenging for manufacturers to maintain the level of their sales. Companies like Netpak are quite updated with the latest trends and make the most of them provide unique solutions to their clients.

To that context, let’s give you an idea about some of the amazing food packaging trends that are going to make it big this year.

Engaging emotionally with consumers

These days, with so many options available in the market, the customers are looking for more than a product. They want to play a significant role in the brand’s story, which is increasing the emotional content on the packaging, especially in the case of food products. Using influential taglines and catchy advertisements on the packages thus works in favor of the manufacturers.

Transparent labeling

Clear product information and transparent labeling is the next big trend in the food packaging industry. As people can see the contents inside the packaging, they are keener to buy such products because of increased reliability. The clear labeling list also enhances the chances of buying, as traditional packaging mostly makes the list of ingredients less readable for customers.

Portable packaging

Another big trend in food packaging is increased portability. Most customers prefer to buy meals that are lightweight, portable and easy to grab and eat while commuting. Thus, manufacturers are brainstorming new ideas to improve convenience for their customers by introducing foldable packing, lightweight materials, and paper packaging.

Personalized packaging 

Every product is unique, but how do you make that out without using it? Enters the need for introducing personalized packaging, which is one of the leading trends in the food industry. With catchy taglines, names of contest winners and personalized coloring and designs on the packages, the customers are driven to buy the products that make the most of this trend.

Minimal design outlook

Cluttered designs are a thing of the past, as minimal designs have taken its place in the industry. With fewer graphics and more information about the products, customers can trust the manufacturers more, leading to a surge in sales.

Wrapping it up

With so many trends to look out for, the manufacturers may get confused about how to design their packaging and what materials to use. That’s why, it best to get in touch with packaging experts to create a bespoke solution according to the latest trends, as well as the product quality. Opt for effective packaging solutions from a reliable services provider to get the most out of these trends and increase your revenue.