5 easy tips for selecting an employment discrimination attorney

Are you a victim of racial discrimination? Have you been wrongfully fired from the job? Were you sexually harassed by a supervisor? Although the talk around workplace discrimination has captured the minds of many, cases are reported every now and then. Both state and federal laws prohibit discrimination at work on grounds such as race, religion, nationality, disability, ancestry, sex, marital status, and age. If you believe that you have endured something similar, consider talking to an employment discrimination attorney. In this post, we share a few tips on how to find a reliable lawyer. 

  1. Look for employment lawyers only. Would you trust a brain surgeon with your heart surgery? When it comes to cases of harassment, workplace discrimination, and wrongful termination, you need an attorney specializing in employment law. You don’t need any random lawyer. 
  2. Ask about trial experience. While a considerable number of discrimination and harassment-related lawsuits are settled through negotiations, you need an attorney who doesn’t mind going to trial if needed. Trials concerning employment law are tricky, and not many lawyers have the expertise or experience to handle the case. 
  3. Discuss if there is a conflict of interest. Both employees and employers need attorneys for handling cases of discrimination and harassment. When you hire an attorney, you have to ask the lawyer if they have a conflict of interest. For instance, if the concerned attorney is working for your employer for another case, they aren’t the best option for your lawsuit. 
  4. Know the fee in advance. Employment lawyers either charge an hourly rate or work on a contingency fee. It depends on the nature and complications of the case. You have to ask about the fee of the attorney in advance, including other expected expenses of the case. 
  5. Get an overview. What can you do to defend your rights? What are some of your legal options? Is there a chance that the case may end up in court? If you win, what can you expect in a settlement? It is expected that an employment lawyer will answer these questions and share a basic overview of the case. 

There is no way any attorney can promise an outcome. However, hiring a lawyer does improve your chances of winning a fair settlement/outcome. When you meet an employment lawyer, discuss your concerns and ask about the factors that can influence your case. To know a law firm better, you can even ask for references and details of their landmark cases.